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missing kittens

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i'm really worried about my cat fidget when i let her out this morning she was pregnant she didn't look like she was going to drop but when she came in this evening i'd found that she no longer was pregnant and i cant find the kittens anywhere now i don't know if they were still born or if they are alive we've searched the house and we've searched our garden including he gardens around the house we just cant seem to find them any where she's not acting like a cat that's just given birth this would be her 3rd litter and she's not the same this time as she has been the other times i'm really worried as it can get quite cold at night and the kittens (if they are alive) wont survive the night can any one give me some advice please as i dunno what to do
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So sorry to hear this. I hope you find them.

P.S Maybe you should have her spayed.
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Well if the kittens are no longer aline then you really need to keep her in until you can have her spayed and she doesn't keep having unwanted and unnecessary litters. I don't think there is anything you should do. An intact cat should never be allowed to roam outside especailly a pregnant ones. If she isn't acting like she needs to get to her babies I have a feeling something happened to them. Look around again and if she has been away from them for more then a few hours you can probably assume the worse.

Please please do not let her outside again until she is spayed. It is too dangerous and unhealthy and unnecessary to just let her keep getting pregnant.
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im sorry you are going through this , have you checked her *bits* does it deffently look like she has had them ?
the only other thing i can suggest is if you let her back outside but follow her dont lose site of her even for a min , she might go back to her kittens if they are alive.

its always best to keep a pregnant mum indoors at all times as things can go wrong, im only saying this for others reading this.
if you can not find kittens by the morning , then please get her booked in to see a vet asap , she could have retained a plancter or if they was still born or prem she could still have one inside of her, and also ask them about booking her in to be spayed , it really is the best thing for her health.
good luck i hope everything turns out for the best.
and welcome to TCS even if it is under such sad news.
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