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Pictures of Ivo!

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Hopefully, this will work.

Ivo the day after I took her in...
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The most recent picture of my baby girl...
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Those are great pics! Ivo is a cutie pie!
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Didn't take her long to get all cozy, did it? She's a darling. :tounge2:
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Ohh look at that face!
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What a doll! She made herself at home pretty quickly, didn't she? Ivo really is a beauty!
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She is a cutie!!!!!
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What a sweetie! She looks so comfy.... we need the next adventure installment! :tounge2:
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She's that first pic looking all comfy and stuff.
Q.T. Pie!

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Yeah, she was comfy in the first picture. The towel was for MY comfort, however. She had a few fleas at first.

No new great adventures to report, Laurie. We did play superball in the hallway last night. Because the floors are uneven, the ball would roll this way and that. Ivo loved it. She pounced and chased and bounced around for 15 minutes. Gee, I wonder why she let me sleep in today

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Ivo is very beautiful, and all the good care you've been giving her really shows in the second picture!
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Christy, Ivo is beautiful. He's very lucky to have such a loving kittymummy.
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okeefecl: Thanks for the e-mail I had in fact grabbed the pictures from this thread yesterday, but thanx for sending them

I'm going start setting the pictures up soon, I want a few more then I'll post a link to the new section.
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Ahhhh cuteness x a million!!!!!!!!! such a cutie pie! Please give her snuffles and snuggles from me! Her coat is stunning and so is her face! a bit of a mischief though lol!
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Ok, now that I know how to use the scanner, I'm going to be a picture-posting freak!

Ivo again...
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Ivo with her hippo (yes, she does do more than sleep on the couch!)
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One last one of Ivo
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Loppy, the cat we had when I was growing up...
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She's lovely I do hope you realise that I'll now have to do you a section just for your cat. But hey she's worth it
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And finally, our one day pet chicken...
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Make sure you include the chicken, OK?
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I was just thinking the same thing
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I've uploaded the images to the site so you now have a section dedicated to your cats and a chicken

I do intend to add the other cats from the forum very soon, probably tomorrow or maybe this evening.
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With all the pics I've taken recently of the kitties, you would think that all they do is sleep together! I must have 20 pics from the past 3 months of them snuggled up together. They are just so cute I can't help myself! LOL So, I understand why you have so many of Ivo on the couch. She is so cute all relaxed like that!
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I love the Ivo pics! She's so darn cute! I also really enjoyed seeing Loppy - and what a great name! ...and the one-day pet chicken? I must have missed the story on that one....

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...and Christy - playing with a superball must be so cute! None of our kitties play with balls. We've tried all shapes, sizes and textures. They do love the sparkle bally thing, and every once in a while Lazlo loves "kicking" around the one that flashes red lights for a minute or so when you hit or kick it... but that's it. The only stuff they like playing with that keeps moving are the wand toys! Otherwise it's the little mice, pieces of rope, straws, the rings you pull of milk or orange juice bottles... Lazlo can play with one of those for literally an hour.

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You didn't miss the chicken story. I was going to include it with the picture, but I was at work and my boss was standing over my shoulder.

So here's the story-
Shortly after I graduated high school (1988), my brother ran into the house yelling "There's a chicken running down our street". We didn't believe him at first, because we lived in a VERY suburban bedroom community of Washington DC. But, he was right. After chasing it around (and having some interesting run-ins with the neighbors), we caught it and brought it in. The pic is in our hallway, where we fed it canned corn (we had no idea what to feed it). Loppy (the grey cat) was going nuts so we had to put her in the basement. The county animal control was closed for the day, so we put it in our backyard shed with corn, water and shredded newspaper for a nest (it was in June, so we didn't have to worry about the temperature). The next day, animal control picked it up.

There were a large number of Central and South American immigrants that lived in our area, so we assumed that the chicken was someone's dinner who had made a jailbreak. And that's the story of our one day pet chicken.

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That's a cute story about the chicken!!! I had a pet rooster named Rastes when I was about 12. He was a big Rhode Island Red!! But eventually we had to get rid of him, he kept attacking my younger nephew.

Ivo is adorable! She looks like she has a little milk mustache!
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