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Herpes Virus

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This cannot be.... we have a new kitten. She was born March 3 and we got her from a shelter 2 weeks ago. When we got her, she was already treated for an upper resportory infection and was clear when we got her. At home she seems to weese a little when she sniffed anything.
She has had her first vet visit a week ago and was cleared of any infection. Since then however, her wheesing has gotten worse. When she sleeps, on the in breath, you can hear like a water girgling noise. We took her to the vet today and she said, either she has not cleared up from her infection, or she has feline herpes virus. I cannot believe this.. So we have a medication paste to give her for two weeks. It is a vitiman supplement. After reading up on this, I do not believe this is what it is.. she is not sneezing, no coughing, no eye or nose discharge. maybe it is just a small nose. I really hope it is not this.. we have a 13 year old at home and they have drank from the same water bowl.
Any thoughts..
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I'm not sure what the cause could be for the noise your kitten makes when she sleeps. Was she making that "gurgling sound" while at the vet?

Upper respiratory infections are very common in kittens. They're usually viral, but antibiotics are often given to combat the possible bacterial infection that can follow. Bacterial respiratory infections are usually accompanied by lots of yucky green discharge from the eyes and nose.

Feline Herpes Virus is much more common (and less serious) that it's made out to be. It's the most common cause of upper respiratory infections in cats (basically like a cold) and the vast majority of cats are "infected" (I use the term lightly) with the virus. It usually lies dormant most of the time, with just ever so occasional flare ups at times of stress.

Here's an article about it...

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It sounds more like someone with a stuffed up nose. Only when she breaths in. Sometimes it is more noisy than others. She is running all over the house.
Eating and drinking fine. Going the bathroom fine. NO discharges at all. Nothing from the nose or eyes. Just makes that sound when she breaths.
The vet scared us to death. Not our normal vet. She said that my older cat is at risk. She did have an upper respiratory infection at the shelter, but she was given the antibiotic and was cleared when we picked her up. Then a week later took her to the vet for a follow up and she was still clear except this sound. When she sniffs things its more like a stuffed up nose sound. We did not point out to the dr at that time. Its almost like her nasal passage is too small for her. Also when we took her today.. she has gained 1/2 pound in a week and 1/2. The doctor today also said it could be inflamed nasal passage from the infection she had and that could take some time to clear up. I hope this is the case.. any other thoughts..
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I don't know what to think about that noise. If there are no other symptoms, then I doubt it's anything serious. I would say just keep an eye on her and keep in touch with the vet about her.

I'm sorry the vet scared you...I don't think it's warranted, given the info in your post. It is quite common for a shelter cat (or really any cat that's new to the household) to bring in some germs. If you've had her 2 weeks, and your 13 yo hasn't come down with a cold, he/she probably won't...but that's essentially what it is usually - just a "cold". It's always a good idea to call the vet when they have symptoms like that, though.
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When I brought Frankie home as a kitten he also had a upper respitory infection. He is now 2 years old and I have to give him lysine and periodic antibiotics. The lysine works, but he does have a chronic case of this. He has sneezing bouts with big boogers and has breathing difficulties from time to time. Amazingly otherwise he is a very healthy happy cat. This is the first cat I have ever had with this problem. He does live with 5 other cats who have not contracted any of this. He seems to be growing out of the worst of it.

We also live near a nasty hay mill that affects all of our sinuses and some of this could be allergies. I think in Frankies case it's both.
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Whenever anyone is in the shower, take the kitten in there with you to steam her. Vaporizors (and steamy showers) help nasal passages in kittens as well as humans.

If she has herpes, L-Lysine can help them. I have no idea what the dosage would be for a kitten, but perhaps your vet can help. You can get it in many forms. I have a herpes cat and buy the powdered form which I mix with his wet food once a day. I buy a large jar from www.iherb.com for about $9 which lasts a year.
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