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how do i find a lost cat

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My cat lived at my work. It was a warehouse. The building burned on May 9th
I left the building at 5 pm and "Buddy" was in the front eating. I got the phone call at 5:40 that the building was on fire. I got to the site at 5:50. At that time the firefighters had already busted down all the doors and most of the fire was in the back of the building. In my heart i believe Buddy got out of the building. We have searched inside the building as best we can. (It will be tore down this week) Buddy was a stray hanging at the owner of my company's house and we brought him to the warehouse to live 2 years ago. He did go outside when the overhead door was open but he never went more then a few feet out. It isn't a great neighborhood. There are tons of feral cats and strays around. The entire block still reeks of fire. I'm sure he is terrified somewhere. I have walked the alleys and put up flyers. I put his carrier (he loved, but it smeels like fire now)) outside of the building with a blanket that has my smell. He was a very friendly cat, but got spooked easily. I'm afraid he is so traumatized and now there are so many strangers at the building site that he may be too scared to come back. Can anyone give advice? And hope?
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Oh, poor Buddy! Cats have a way of getting out of situations, so I think there is a very good chance he survived, but is just too scared to come out in the open. Does he know the neighborhood at all? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can find him! The only thing I can suggest is keep combing the area and keep asking people around about him. Does he have a favorite food you could try to entice him with? Hopefully, he will calm down, see you and come to you. Sending good vibes and prayers.
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I agree with the last poster...keep going back to the same bldg. he will probably go back there since he knew he was being fed there, just keep checking.
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Just keep checking the bldg., he knows he was being fed there so he eventually will go back there, don't give up on him. He will return looking for food.
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I put food out twice for him and both times it was gone when i came back in the morning, but there are so many other cats around. And rats too. I stopped putting the bowl out, i don't want to draw in other animals, the building is very unsafe, i have a temporary trailer, but it is in the back yard of the building and Buddy had never been back there. I'm there all day everyday, but so is the cranes and backhoes and demo equipment, he will never come during the day with all that noise. I can only stay around at night so much because i have a family to get home to.
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That is such a sad story! I hope you find Buddy soon. Good luck with that.
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Oh poor Buddy, he must be so scared. I hope you find him!
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poor Buddy boy, he must be really freaked out by the fire and commotion, he's probably holed up somewhere hiding out. he'll get hungry and come looking for you. I'm pretty sure he'll show up
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I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi that Buddy comes home soon. Please keep us updated on him.

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I am hoping you find Buddy soon. I am sure the whole incident must have scared him. I am sure he will be back.

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hello! just wondering if Buddy came back. Please let us know.
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I am getting phone calls, there is a stray orange tabby that runs the neighborhood, i have gotten 4 phone calls and it was this cat, he is beginning to think his name is buddy. At least it lets me know people are looking and that's good. Tomorrow demolishion starts on my building. I stop by once or twice a day and just walk around calling him. I miss him so much and feel so bad that i can't comfort him while he is scared. Thank you all for your thoughfulness. There are alot of people in the world that just don't care about animals and have no problem showing just how uncaring they are. I dislike those people!!
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