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~Bengal mix or just a DSH?~

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~I took in 3 new Foster kittys and one of them is a large exotic looking girl. She is a Tabby obviously but she does have some faint SPOTS on her sides. Its hard to get a picture of but they are there. Does she look anything like a Bengal? Im not a big cat person so I dont know the breed specifics etc just wanted your opinions on if she looks like she may have some mixed in somewhere down the line....doesnt matter if she does or doesnt just curious~

Only pic where you can see the faint spots.

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There are different types of the tabby pattern. Classic, Mackeral, Spotted and Ticked.

So you would have a spotted tabby DSH. On my computer she looks more like a mctabby with faint stripes(?)
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IMO there's no Bengal in the mix. May I use one of the pictures in my colors thread please?
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~Sure I would be honored if you use Gracy's pic. Im not real familiar with cat breeds but I knew she had some spots in her...didnt know that Tabbys could be striped and spotted. She has some orange color on her too. She is a sweetheart regardless of color~
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Sometimes the mackeral striping will "break up" into spots - so that's how you can have stripes and spots at the same time. I would call her a brown patched mackeral tabby. She is very pretty.
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~Okay so we established that tabbys can have spots AND stripes! Is she called a Mack Tabby or a brown tabby? She has more spots on her belly....but she really has alot of WARM BROWn tones that show up as black in the pics...~

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My girl has spots on her belly as well....the vet refers to her as a patch tabby with white:

Not the most flattering photo of her I know.

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The "pattern" is mackeral tabby; the "color" is brown Almost all tabbys have some kind of spotting on the bellies - that's part of the pattern.
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~You can tell Im not real knowledgable when it comes to cat colors etc. It intrigues me how most of you know so much about cat genetics that you can determine unborn kitten colors without even seeing them...just by knowing parents colors haha!~
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It depends on how much the person want to learn. I was breeding rexes and wanted to know how the colors worked. It was fun to me. Still don't understand some of the weirder things that happen For the most part, tho, I DO know my colors (if its not a poor picture....... )

Technically your girl is a Brown Patched Mackeral Tabby - she is basically a brown tabby with red markings (like a tortie would be with black/red)
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here're some great resources for determing color & pattern on the tabbies!
torties, calicos & tricolor cats
tabby cats
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Wow. aside from the face, she looks exactly like my Kinah. The exact same coloring.

But I don't know anything about Kinah's background, so I can't help you.

Here's Kinah

She looks lighter here, but I think it might be from lighting.
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From your picture, your kitty looks more like a brown tabby (not patched). The "red" is not true red, but more of a rufus color (kinda like a hot brown). I love her color

Brown color can range from rufus red-brown to the darker black-brown.
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