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My Babies: Loki and Possum!

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Okay, I think I've gotten the hang of resizing!

This is my first kitty, Loki!

This is my second kitty, Possum!

Here they are snuggling together! They are such good brothers!

Loki is nearly 2 1/2, and and he's just a "moggie" (or whatever you call a cat mutt). Possum is a few months over a 1 1/2 (though he really doesn't look it, he's a very small guy), and is a Siamese mix ( you probably can't tell, but he has very pretty blue eyes), but he's not as vocal as Loki is! They are the first cats I've ever had, though I did spend a lot of time with my sister's cats. I got Loki shortly into the New Year, and then Possum in March because I thought Loki was lonely with me being gone a lot for school and work. They get along really well and like to play and wrestle.

Loki was a stray originally, then was taken in by someone with 2 other cats. After a few months he decided that he couldn't handle all three, so Loki was given to the Humane Society in December where he was finally neutered. He is very curious and playful, and has a great personality. He's very easygoing and friendly! Personally, I can't understand why anyone would willingly give him up, but it worked out for me!

Possum was found with his brothers and sisters shortly after they were born, and were rescued by Columbia Second Chance. All were incredibly shy, with Possum being the most outgoing (and he's really shy!), and apparently the rescuers secretly believed that none of them would ever get adopted since it took them all so long to get comforatable and warm up to people. Well, now they all have, with Possum being the last one adopted after spending a year and a half in foster care! He's very loving and affectionate, but scares very easily. He hides when strangers come over, and hasn't gotten used to anyone but me yet (because I live alone). He's just so sweet; i'm glad i took a chance on him.

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Both of your boys are just beautiful! Good for you on adopting them! It seems like they had a rough start to life and have moved on to be loved and cherished! I cant wait to see more pics of these handsome boys!
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OH what gorgeous boys you have!!!
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It looks like both of these handsome boys have a good home now!!
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They are adorable, LOVE the last pic Awwwww
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They are both very handsome
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they are both GORGEOUS, and I did see a litle bit of blue in possums photo, so thnx for the summary I was gonna ask u if he had blue eyes ver pretty blue from the little i saw! But they are both just precious
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Awwwww aren't they gorgeous together!!!
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Thanks! Unfortuantely, they always move before the picture takes but after the flash, so they always look a littled annoyed at Mommy!

Loki has very pretty gold eyes, too. Their eyes are what attracted me originally to both of them when I saw their rescue group pictures.

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