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boots thinks shes a dog

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my lil baby girl boots acts so mutch like a dog everyone in my area where i live thinks its hilarious she walks my daughter 2 school walks to the shops with me sits outside and waits then walks me home everywhere i go she follows like a little dog maybe she was a dog in a past life lol we have a dog two doors up and she terrorises the poor lil guy im just waiting for the day she barks haha
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That's very cute.
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Thats funny! Such a smart cat. What kind of cat do you have?

I had an orange tabby and he used to sit in the window and make barking sounds at the birds!
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Awwww, Boots is so so cute
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I think Blossom thinks she's a dog too as we have 2.
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boots is a ginger n white tabby shes lovely my lil shadow lol shes getting too good at hunting at the moment and leaving me presents aswell need 2 get her a collar with a bell as ive had birds mice ect all at my front door but im scared to put a collor on her incase she gets tangled and hurt. My neighbour thinks she should have a lead and be a proper doggy going for walks
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Get her a breakaway or safety collar - one that will break off if she gets it caught in anything. You're right that other types can be dangerous. You can also walk cats on a lead, but you have to use a harness rather than a collar so as not to hurt their neck. Pets at Home sell both safety collars and harnesses if you wanted to give either a try. She sounds lovely
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When she "barks" be sure to send the video into America's Funniest Videos so you can win $10K

Charlie thinks he's a dog sometimes - loves to help Keno play the Find It game and almost always comes when you call him.

We had a barn cat that my son named "Dog" cause he would follow you on hikes in the field and run from one person to the next and stay right with us. We had the dog with is two - was really funny.
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When I lived in Pasadena, my cat Vivekat (named after the address Viveka Davis), would walk with me as far as the corner when I went to the store. There she would wait in a rock/desert garden and play with the cat who lived there until I came back. She was always waiting to meet me when I returned.
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