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Idid it! I got a new Baby!

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Well I finally did it. Max has been lonely for weeks since Boo passed and it took me a couple of months but I finally went down to the humane society to look for a new baby. I saw three cats yesterday and would have taken any one of them really but thought the kitten was a little too rambunctious for Max. Might put him over the edge. the 3 year old cat I saw was male. orange and white and gorgeous, very calm but he was formerly a stray and there was no way of knowing how he would get along with Max. Then I found her...She looks almost exactly like Max only about half his size. She nuzzled my cheek and that was it...... She was coming home! Turns out her owner died and she was in foster care because she had kittens but her intake record said she was such a love but hated being couped up. I told her no more sadness. She has a home now that loves her. And her and Max are doing great! I kept them seperate last night and exchanged blankets so they could get a wiff of each other. Today I let her out. I can tell she wants to snuggle right up to her new big brother but he is a little leary still, a little growling and an occassional hiss but before long they were sleeping about 8 inches apart. I keep petting him and telling him what a good boy he is being. They will be fine in no time. Sorry for babbling I am just so happy this all worked out. I was so nervous! I will post pictures when I get a moment!
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That's awesome And we will wait patiently for the pics
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Thats great and im really glad everythign worked out well with the two of them! Whats her name?
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Thats great!!! I am going to be waiting for the pics....
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That is so great glad things are going so good And it might take some time but I see them being best buds in no time Stormie and Blue are almos inseperatable and I remember when Blue first came here stormie HATED her and wanted nothing to do with her It lasted about a month but like I said they are inseperatable I too am waiting for those pics
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Congratulations! Can't wait to see the pics!
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Congratulations! What is hew new name and when will you post photos? I am very happy for you.
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Ohhh kitters kitters! Yay for new kitters!!

Pics please!!
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Awww. Congrats!!
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WOOHOO congradulations and I can not wait to see pix
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Aaaaw thanks guys! The growling and hissing has already stopped. I new max was too much of a softy to keep that up for long. Well she is 2 years old so I am keep ing the name she came with. She was surrendered to the human society because her owner passed away. So I am guessing that whoever surrendered her new her name. Her name is Isabella. Izzie for short. She is so teenie. Max is whopping 17.9 pounds. She can't be more thatn 6 lbs. Other thatn that she is gray and looks exactly like him. She's a minnie max!
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OK here is Izzie!

And Here is Max!
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Awwwwwwwww they both are just so precious! How kind of you to give her a home. Im sure shes been sad that her previous owner passed away too, but now she has her forever home. Max taking to her so quickly is so sweet, too. Awww the new brother and sister And CONGRATULATIONS to YOU!!
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Wow ...they look alike...that's awesome, it was just meant to be
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