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Dehydration and unsteadiness

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Our 15 year old cat Alley was admitted to the vet on Thursday with dehydration and he was also unable to stand and looked like he was drunk.

He had been quiet since Monday night and did not want to eat on Tuesday and on Wednesday. We took him to see the vet on Wednesday evening with regard to his lethargy and lack of appetite and also that he had been licking his tummy (a recurrent problem that he creates himself) and he licked part of his tummy bare.

The vet on Wednesday gave him an anti-inflammatory injection called medrone which was a long lasting one and we got told to keep an eye on him and any problems they would admit him for bloods.

He was very quiet that evening and was very unsteady on his feet (we had noticed on Monday that he had missed the worktop in the kitchen when he jumped up), but he was awful on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

The vet came to the house and said he was dehydrated and that the unsteadiness could be caused by being dehydrated or kidney problems and that they would admit him and put him on a drip.

They carried out bloods and the initial results were that there was nothing significant and all his results were pretty normal. He was pale but not anaemic, very weak and dehydrated. His blood sugar was up a bit but she thought that was due to stress and would re-test his bloods the next day and his bladder seemed fine.

The next day Alley's bloods were re-taken and there were some changes in his white blood cells and also some blood in his urine and also white cells in his urine too which indicated that he was fighting some sort of infection, so they placed him on antibiotics. She thought that his illness could be liniked to some sort or urinary infection (he has had a history of cystitis problems in the past). She also mentioned that he seemed slighly better but nothing too dramatic. She would also re-test his blood sugar that afternoon.

His blood sugar that afternoon had gone right down and the vet confirmed that he definitely did not have diabetes and the bloods from the day before confirmed no kidney problems. He was still not eating yet she could see no reason not too. The staggering, he was still unsteady but she thought that once he was home and moving round better that would improve.

Another vet assessed him the next day being Saturday and decided that he would have to stay in at the weekend as he appeared iller than the results actually showed and that he was still dehydrated.

We have been to see him each day and today Sunday, the vet nurse had syringed him food and he actually ate a tiny amount of gammon from me. He still seemed very unsteady.

Does anyone have any idea what could cause this as the vet has not been able to diagnose him at this stage. We wonder whether it could be the urinary type infection or even some sort of toxin (if he had eaten something in the garden) and with the unsteadiness we wonder if maybe it could be some sort of a stroke.

Any help would be much appreciated as the house is not the same with him being at the hospital.


Mark and Michele x
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I'm so sorry for your kitty's illness.

We're having a similar problem with our Shelly right now. The only difference here is that Shel was only "very slightly" dehydrated, and he did have very elevated ESO level (indication of high histamines). We were sent home with nothing - no steroids, no antibiotics, and told to schedule an appointment with our regular vet in a couple of days to retest blood work.

If your kitty doesn't start to improve in a few days, I'd consider getting a second opinion. I understand he's in the hospital - but if they're not helping, I'd keep looking.

Sending healing vibes to Alley.

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Thanks Laurie - I hope Shel gets better soon. We are considering asking for a referral to our local veterninary hospital if we don't get anything concrete from the vet tomorrow. We just want to get Alley home and try to get him eating properly again and see if his strength comes back.

Good luck
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A stroke is a possibility, especially if your kitty had heart disease (which you may not have known about--it often has no symptoms). Do you have copies of your cat's bloodwork? Were the kidney enzymes normal? How about the potassium--sometimes it can cause weakness if it is low.
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Thanks for your help - we'll look into the possibility of stroke and check with the vet tomorrow.

Thanks again
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Alley managed to eat a little last night and the vet did some x rays today and noticed that his abdomen was distended and there were signs of hard faeces stuck in his bowel. They have given him an enema to try to shift it - hopefully he will be able to come home tomorrow. The vet still isn't sure if this is the whole problem or just a part of it. Fingers crossed Alley will be ok soon.

Thanks for listening...
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Shelly - after sleeping all day yesterday - was back to his normal self this morning when we got up. THANK GOD, and thank TCS for all the positive vibes sent his way!

I hope you discover Alley's problems soon and I'm sending more positive and healing vibes to him.

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