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Challenge: caricatures (beginner level)

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Here is the tutorial for the second challenge of the weekend, you may use any kitty pic



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Does anyone have any idea which versions of Photoshop this is compatible with? I have 5.0 (I know... it's practically prehistoric ) and I don't think it has the liquify filter.
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No idea, I know it works from PS7 up as I have had all of them
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I'm going to give this one a miss, I think distorted things are creepy.
I have enough trouble sleeping, without having nightmares about wierd cats
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I didn't think it was creepy until I let Matt try now I might join you in just thinking its creepy!

and this is what happens when you let Matt loose on poor Mags (he has some evilness in him, I admit, but this makes him look pure evil)

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ok i did do this but i didnt like it on my own cats so i deleted it from my pictures lol, but at least if i want to do some fun things in the future i know how to lol.
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You can do it to mine if you want, after seeing Magnum they are all traumatised anyway
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Eithne stop letting Matt abuse the cats!
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they remind me of twisted whiskers.
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thank you for the offer to use one of your cats , but i didnt have the heart , so my poor forest when she was a kitten got the short straw.
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Awww you guys do it to people not cats
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If it makes you feel any better, American Greetings is making a fortune out of such images with Twisted Whiskers
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Awww you guys do it to people not cats
wonders is there is a pic of Pam in Pictures Pictures
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Karen did one of a person that is hilarious ......... maybe she will post it.
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I had to improvise since my version doesn't have the liquefy thing... turns out the Pinch filter was my best friend!

And here's from saving one as a .png... truly evil, black-holed kitty!
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I definately need to get new pics of Miagi and Tiger! I wonder what they'd look like like that. you guys can use their pics if you want.
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
my poor Miagi!
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