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Hi could anyone tell me roughly how old are the kittens when they open there eyes? Also how can you tell what length fur they will have?Thanks for any help. louise xx
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about 10 days give or take a few, mine are 10 days exactly right now and one has his eyes almost fully open, another ones eyes are just cracked open and the other two are still closed. Ears are still closed too.
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can be any time from 7-14 days , some before some after. mine are 8 days old today and all have their eyes open apart from one who still has one half closed.
i think their ears open about 2 weeks?? i could be wrong about that though.
their fur length i wouldnt know iv only ever had short hairs from birth , but if they will be meduim-long i think you can sort of tell right away sometimes more so when their 2 weeks.
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