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Clicker Training

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Has anyone ever Clicker trained their cats? What commands have you taught them and how long did it take? Or have you done training without the clicker? I would just like to know more about training commands to cats and how you feel about clicker training and other methods.
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I'm doing some minor clicker training with Nikita. I've not been very disciplined with it though.

What I'm working on is standing up on two legs and balancing there for a bit, then also sitting and coming when called.

She doesn't do it just with the vocal commands though, I got her to do the standing up by having a piece of food in my hand and holding it above her so she'd stand up to try to get at it. As soon as she lifted her forelegs off the ground the clicker went "click" and she got to eat the treat.

Now she'll do it when I hold my hand above her and say "up" i.e I don't need to be holding the treat there anymore. Ultimate goal is to just be able to rely on the vocal command.

I just started on sitting a few days ago but it's going ok. Again you do it with a treat, have a treat when she's standing and move it backwards so she'll have to sit down to continue following it.

Clicker training is great fun, one of the reasons I started it is that I had a short bout of overgrooming with her. She's an only cat and an indoor cat so I'm responsible for keeping her mentally stimulated and the clicker training helps with that.

ETA: Training without a clicker works as well, but the clicker is great in letting the animal know exactly when they did the right thing and thus gives you a bit more time to get the treat out. I.e otherwise you'd have to feed the treat right when they did the right thing.

Also a nice side effect for me is that even though she doesn't always come when called, she always comes running when she hears the clicker, so when she's hiding somewhere and I need to find her I can click the clicker and she'll come running to get her treat.
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She is sooooo pretty! Love her coloring! A little golden leopardess
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My Damita is clicker trained. The dogs are clicker-not-trained. The dogs know to come when fingers are snapped, Damita when the clicker is clicked. She is blind, so this is my way of calling her easily. If I call her name, all the others think it's time to steal her supper.

I just click to call her to me. When she came, I gave her a treat. She now comes whenever I click.
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