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To put it simply my cat likes skin. If you are in the bathroom and he follows he will go up to you on the toilet and bite your thighs. If you wear shorts he comes up and rubs your legs like a nice kitty...then bites your leg and runs away. He particularly likes to do it to my brother. He wake me up every morning by biting my arms (but that is because he is hungry) and the other cat pulls my hair Why do you think he likes to bite skin so much and how can I stop it?
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LOL! Maxy, you have a problem. :-) Read the previous posts about this topic. If ever there was a case for "biting your cat back", this is it! Seriously though, this behavior is not funny and you need to stop it. Chances are your cat learned that by behaving this way, he gets attention. That's a hard thing to break after the fact. You can do it though, but it will take some effort. You're going to have to find something your cat really doesn't like, such as being picked up and held and rolled on his back. He'll struggle, probably even growl. I know it sounds too simple to work, but your cat sounds "dominant", and therefore will absolutely HATE being pinned down. Just make sure to keep your face away from the cat when you tackle him. Wear some leather gloves too. :-) Otherwise it will work since in time, he'll associate his "nipping" with the unpleasant experience of being "tackled", and won't do it anymore. Good luck...
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Just make sure to keep your face away from the cat when you tackle him.
That is excellent advice! Hopefully, what ever you decide to do to deter the biting won't provoke that extreme of a reaction though!
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