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Its cold outside

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When I got up this morning it was only 39F (at 6 am) now almost 4 hours later it has only "warmed up" to 41F. Yikes-it was in mid 70's yesterday afternoon.
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I know it's been up and down here too. Just when you get used to the nice sunny weather, the temperature plummets and the skies cloud over. Mind you, it's Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada, and traditional requires that it be cold and wet.
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Compared to yesterday (90*), its GORGEOUS outside today! Right now its 49* and chilly, its so nice to have a cool breeze coming thru the apartment, dark and gloomy today.... but its supposed to get up to 62*, a nice change
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Very chilly here as well this morning. I live right in the middle of Ontario major tourist area, so there are a lot of cold grumpy campers around town this morning...It seems to be a canada tradition that at least one day of the Victoria day holiday entails freezing your tail off...
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Up and down here too. A couple days ago I was so chilled that I had to go and close my windows, something I rarely do even in the winter, lol But the combination of cold with the dampness from the rain was getting to me.
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It's 11 C (52 F) and raining in Victoria, BC. When is it going to warm up?
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