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Lazy days....*Cuteness Warning*

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Hehe I remembered my cuteness warning...I got some new pics of Hercules and Lil Man....(Dave changed his name again so hes called Dawkins by Dave and Lil Man by me..But it works and he answers to both...LOL) I wont be posting any more pics of my sweet boy Fluffernutter...He passed away tonight.. So Im hoping posting these pics will help make me feel better that I have 4 healthy loving furbabies still going strong...

"I see your toes up there Daddy..Im gonna get you...Muwahahaha"

Dawkins/Lil Man trying to be tuff and meowing at Hercules to move...LOL

Father and son moments...They love to 'bond'....

My big sexy man Hercules!!! Being the Hugh Hefner of the house..All he needs is some silk pjs..LOL

Hercules paw....I thought it was cute but he kept moving his foot away...

Lil Mans paw...He was a good boy cuz I gave him a kitty treat to stay still...

I spy something yummy on this table...Mmmmmmm meowmy stuck treats up there...

Bathtime for Hercules and snack time for Lil Man...My big boys!!

Lil Man and Trotter bonding over food...Cali was hiding from everyone all night...I didnt get any pics of her..But shes next..LOL

Please give you kitties an extra snuggle tonight...
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Awww, I'm so sorry for your loss, we lost our little Davidson only 2 months ago, so I know the feeling- please PM me if you need to talk

Great pictures! They are both the same coloring as my Harley & Bayley!
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O I am so sorry for ur loss

But o my, ur 2 boys are just such cuties they are just precious
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I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet baby. My prayers are with you. He was a good looking kitty!

Lil man is a cutie pie.
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