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Ruggy Ruggy!

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I may have mentioned this before but it's so cute that it's worth mentioning again.

We have a thick rug in front of the fire and Suki loves it! She jumps on it, grabs it with all four feet and kicks it to death. We used to have a thin rug and she would insist on wiggling her butt and jumping into the middle of it, spin round and collapse kicking it. No matter how many times we straighted the rug she'd run back in a mess it up again.

It's got to the stage that we put down a rug just for her because she's so cute when playing!

Does anyone elses cats do this cute thing?
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Sadly no. My cat just used to pee on the rug!
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My Maggie does the same thing....she wildly attacks the bathroom rug every morning. As soon as she has finished kicking and biting the rug in a wild frenzy, she hops up and struts across the floor...she seems to feel very proud of having beat the evil rug once again!
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Fitzy does the same thing but with my coats or any clothes I've left on the floor. He wrestles with it, crawls under it and has to explore every arm/leg hole. It's pretty funny to watch, especially when you just see the coat moving around "by itself".
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i thought ed was out of his mind for "killing" the doormat. he even tries to carry it to other rooms!
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My peedoodle does that also, he does it to everything he can find, its quite entertaining.
Wonder if it is just stress relief? LOL

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We have a rug, about 3x5, and Leo would lay all stretched out on 1 end, dig in his claws, and roll. He could roll himself up almost the whole rug. He liked to sleep under the same rug, so we always had to be careful not to step on the big lump in the rug.
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Nakita has two rugs she does that to. The first one is a lighter one that we have in front of the sink in the kitchen. She starts off kicking and then ends up under the rug in a ball.

The second rug is in one of the bedrooms. But this rug is to heavy for her to get under. So she will lay down beside it, put both her right front and back paw under the rug. The left front and back paw are on the top of the rug. Then she "scoots" and kicks herself all around the perimeter of the rug. Unfortunately I never have the digital camera with me to record the event.

It looks like a scoot and kick marathon!

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Although Ivo isn't interested in my throw rug per se, she LOVES chasing the kitty dancer under it. I'll bunch up the rug a little, and stick the little cardboard pieces in the bunched area. She'll pounce and kick and fight. It's really cute. Besides that, she uses the rug for her "dig in and stretch" exercise. It's the only rug she's allowed to use her claws on.
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