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Pain Meds...Should I give them to her?

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Pepper was spayed yesterday and the vet sent home some pain medication for her. She's supposed to get 1/2 a dropper 2 times a day. She was given her morning dose at the vet today before I picked her up.

Should I give her a second dose? She doesn't appear to be in any pain. She is running, jumping, climbing and playing as normal. I don't really believe in medicating just because, ya know? How would I tell if she was in pain?

I know she shouldn't really be doing all of those things but it is SOOO HARD to stop a 5 1/2 month old kitten from playing. Right now she is fast asleep on DH's chest.

She is doing so well, she hasn't touched the incision site and it doesn't appear to bother her in the slightest! The vet did an awesome job, I don't think they used thread to close the wound, you can't even see anything but what appears to be a scar!

I'm rambling now, sorry!
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I am glad to hear your girl is doing well after spaying.
I didn't give pain meds to my girl after her surgery, she seemed fine to me.
I would limit her playing/jumping etc. a little, just so she doesn't disturb her stitches.
At least for the first couple of days.
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I haven't used pain meds after spays either. Mine have been "quiet" for a day afterwards, but then they bounce right back into action.

I think if they are a little aware of what's happened, they will be less likely to hurt themselves by overdoing it.
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That is exactly how I feel. My older 2 girls didn't get meds when they were spayed and it's the same vet. I guess they changed procedures in the last 2 years.

I appreciate the help! It's nice to have other "cat people" to bounce this kind of stuff off!
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None of my cats received pain meds post spay and all seemed to do fine.

This is just an interesting piece of information on the subject. I was at the vet yesterday getting pain meds for Palekana (long, sad story). The vet said she never used to give pain meds for a spay until she saw videos of cats post spay. The cats acted differently, ie: uncomfortable or in pain, when they were alone but not when people were with them. The point of the video was that they were probably hiding their pain when with people. Now she routinely offers pain meds to her spays.
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My vet has always kept my furries for 2 days after their surgery. He keeps them sedated with IV pain meds during that time. And he sent home an oral med to given for the next 5 days. Now he uses the patch, so they have a nice rectangular patch of missing hair when they come home - but I know they were kept comfortable.

If you'd ever had abdominal surgery (not a scope), you'd give the meds.
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i'd give them. when the guys come home from procedures, and the vet dispenses pain meds, i give them. i imagine surgery of any kind hurts.
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Originally Posted by beandip View Post
I think if they are a little aware of what's happened, they will be less likely to hurt themselves by overdoing it.
That was my first thought. If the cat is playing and jumping now while in a little bit of pain, she might really overdo it if that pain is taken away. Pain is there for a reason, as a warning from the body. As long as the pain is not debilitating, I'm sure the cat will be fine without the meds.
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Wow, i'm pretty suprised to see how many people wouldn't use pain meds. If someone cut me open and messed with my reproductive system, i'd sure as heck want the pain meds, and i can't imagine not giving it to my kitties after such an invasive procedure. Cats are so good at hiding pain, i don't think that no outward signs of it is really something that should be relied on.
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When you give the pain meds as ordered by the vet, it makes the furries sleepier. So they naturally slow down. Yes, constipation can be an issue with pain meds, but my vet has me start out feeding them a soft diet that gradually goes back to their regular food over the several days of pain meds.
I have a huge dog crate - the largest one made. Everyone of the furries spends their recouperation time there, unless I am with them. Think of this way - the furries are like children with limitations on what they understand. If your human child had surgery and was given activity restrictions, wouldn't you see they were followed even if the child didn't understand? Well, the same goes for the furries.
My vet even orders a mild pain meds after neutering. Along with ice packs.
Honestly, I would change vets if there wasn't pain meds ordered after a major surgery.
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I never ever used pain meds even with all the rescues I get in. The vet never even asked if I wanted them. They are optional and they cost more.

Mom of 4- your vet keeps the cat for 2 days and keeps them sedated? Doesn't that worry you? I would NEVER let my cats, even the strays be kept by the vet even overnight. I want them back in the comfort of their own home asap to recover in comfort. Plus keeping them sedated for 2 whole days is ridiculous! I would stear WAY clear of this vet IMO!
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My furries love my vet. The dogs get so excited whenwe pull up to the clinic, they almost pull me out of the car. All of my pets have been this way, maybe because I like the vet and they sense it?
I have been a nurse for 30 years, so medical procedures don't scare me. I am a firm believer in there is a time and place to watch and observe, but medications and procedures have their place too.
Sedated does not mean comatose. My vet wants them very sleepy, yet easily arrousable for the first 24 hrs. He monitors their vital signs and level of consciousness to decide how much pain medicine they need. They get IV fluids for hydration and calories. Before the use of the pain patch, he used IV meds, as needed, around the clock for the first 24 hrs. With the patch, the IV meds are only given if needed - which is rare.
The second 24 hours post-op is focused on making sure they will comfortable at home. The vet focuses on keeping them comfortable with oral pain meds (though IV is available), making sure they can eat and drink and go to the bathroom. It is more traumatic for everyone if a pet is sent home and has to come back for some reason.
And they receive lots of love and attention from the staff. They have a favorite toy with them and a blanket from home.

And FWIW, we have a large vet surgical practice here that also follows the same procedures. One of my dogs had emergency surgery there and it was exactly the same.

This is the standard of care in our area. We've had lots of dogs and cats over the years and it has worked well for them every time.
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hmm, as long as you have good results for it. It all just seems too unnecessary and expensive too. But these are your pets, the one's I have done are rescues or strays who are to be adopted out. Not that I don't care about them I just can't afford extra special things for them all. I can monitor them just fine at home.
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