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Peaches is a knot-head?

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We came back from town this evening and I saw Peaches. She looked swollen on her left side. She has an actual knot sitting right under her left ear. It's hard as a rock but doesn't bother her in any way. I have no clue how she got this, though, as it wasn't there this morning. Any ideas?
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Best idea I have is take her to the vet. It could be a cyst or she may have gotten a serious bump while you were out. Cats are excellent at hiding pain so I'm never sure they aren't in pain or discomfort.

I personally would have a vet at least look at it.
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I'm going to have the vet check her out but for now I'm keeping an eye on it. I looked for obvious wounds/stings/bites/blood and there's nothing. She's rubbing all over my face with the thing so I know it's not bugging her. She's quite capable of letting me know when she's hurt. She likes to cry at me and raise a rukus. LOL
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Peaches goes to the vets tomorrow. The lump is now hard as a rock and about the size of a golf ball. It's now travelling down to the front of her neck.
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I'm glad a vet will be checking it out. Please keep us updated!
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Any word on Peaches???
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She goes in at 4:45 pm so no update as of yet. I just called her a few minutes ago and the blessed thing is even bigger! Of course I have the thoughts of it being cancer. It's fast growing and hard. No visable signs of trama. Ugh, I hope it's nothing bad.
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I know for a fact I'm not going to spell this right. LOL She has an abcess (?). It's now about the size of 2 golf balls side to side. She's on Amoxi 100mg a day. She got a shot and she had a fever of 104. He found a tiny little scab on the lump and said he could see how I missed it. He also praised Peaches by saying "I'm amazed it's not bothering her. A spot that size and hardness should have had her yowling when I squeezed on it." she's a brave girl. He did say if it doesn't drain out by Thursday (He poked a hole in it with a needle) or look any less, or grows bigger, to bring her in and he'll lance it open.

Poor Peaches.
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Ouch! Poor kitty but I'm so glad that it's nothing more serious.
You might try putting a warm, damp cloth on it (if she'll let you) to help draw out the pus.

Hugs to you and Peaches!

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The hardness threw me on this one--Spot's abscesses were always soft to the touch. I'm glad it was something fairly easy! When the abscess bursts, it is likely to cause a big mess, so be prepared for that. You may want to confine her to the bathroom. I'm a little surprised that the vet didn't lance it right away. When it bursts, you may want to have the vet clean it out with some disinfecting solution and put a tube or something in the area to keep the wound open so all the nasty stuff can drain out. If anything remains inside, the infection can recur and start all over again.
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The vet did warn me not to freak out when it pops. LOL I'm standing in the office with pus on my hand thinking Yea, not a problem. I've been through these things with Panther. She still gets them on her back end from time to time. The vet did say that he may have to put a drain in it if it stays infected. The hardness did throw me, too. With Panther, hers are always soft and mushy. I'm just glad it's nothing serious.
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With Spot's first one, I freaked out. I had just gotten home at 10 pm or midnight or some late time after the normal vet was closed. I went to pick him up, and my hand was suddenly covered in blood and goo. I didn't even know he had one prior to it bursting on my hand. The ER vet reassured me that it was "just" an abscess and that he didn't need to come in until morning. Spot had only been with me for a week or two at that point, and we later learned that he couldn't take most antibiotics. He had recurring abscesses on his head that we had to lance and drain--we had lots of time in the bathroom with warm compresses on his head.

Any how, I'm glad that Peaches' problem wasn't too serious and is easily treated.
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