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Acquiring a cat vs a kitten

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For the first time I have acquired a year and a half cat along with a kitten and it's been a really strange feeling getting a grown cat like that. I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced these types of feelings. It's like she belongs to someone else and I'm just borrowing her. Little by little I am feeling like her true mama and she is such a loving cat that purrs and purrs when you pick her up and snuggle which helps a lot. It's just been a new experience for me and was surprised at how funny it felt in the beginning. Those feelings are slowly residing and thankfully she is a breed that adapts to a new home easily. It just feels strange not having those 'young' years where you build a relationship like I'm experiencing with the 5 month old kitten. Guess eventually those strange feelings will be completely gone and it will be like I always had her from little on up? Anyone else ever experience something like this?
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I commend you for taking an older cat. Most people pick kittens and ignore the older cats, when the older cats are the ones who need the homes the worst. You will have a loving companion for the rest of her life. Good for you!
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Adult cats are great, once they become close to you, you'll have a friend for life
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I love adult cats and kittens.
I've had many of both, and I don't think I could really choose.

I'm glad you did get an adult however, they ARE the ones who need the most help.
Your not borrowing her from someone, what you did was SAVE HER LIFE.
Remember to get them both spayed/neutured!
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