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I just wanted to share

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Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this thread, I looked all over on were to post this but didn't see a spot fitting so

Anyway I just wanted to say that I am over joyed at having a kitten in our house again.It has been 5 years now since we had a kitten and Ashley is such a riot.She is a fiesty (sp) kitty always into something I have been through a lot this past month and having her has helped ease my mind and relax me.I forgot how funny these lil guys / girls can be.My older cat is finally coming around to her and to see them together instantly puts a smile on my face.This whole experience has and is an awesome one. I LOVE MY KITTYS

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Congratulations on your new kitty! I LOVE kittens too! I hadn't been around little ones for years until just a few weeks ago! It is great to watch them learn new things!
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Aww, I'm happy for you! It really is amazing how such a tiny little creature can transform a whole household.
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Congratulations on the new kitty. They really do make our lives nicer don't they? We had our two outside with us today while we were gardening and when they came in they curled up like they were all tuckered out. John and I just sat and watched them, smiled and commented to each other on how absolutely wonderful they are and what a treasure they are to us.

I'm so glad your kitties are helping you relax and de-stress.
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It always reminds me Hakuna Matata's one in Lionking, to see how the tiny kitty grows up to be a big lol ... "lion" yep that's definitely a nice story and I'm happy for you
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Awww congrat's on your new kitty...there's nothing like a kitty to cheer you up
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Congrats on your new kitten!
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Congrats on ur new kitten They sure are a lot of fun to have around Stormies 9 months I do believe and she is still having me crack up, and blue who is a month older well they are inseperatable and so amusing (wats funny is stormie didnt like blue for a month at least when she came) But Stormie was my first kittne she was 10 weeks and wow its been great watching her grow up, and she sure does keep me on my feet ecs playing fetch I just wish shed be less independent I want cuddles She is a mama's girl tho for sure, when we got her she was very sick and I was up taking care of her so shes a mamas girl just independent! Its just great how much a kitten can liven up a house I am sure going to need their craziness later this week tho I am so happy for u though Kittens are a joy! They grow up to fast tho
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I swear, kittens are therapy! We got our first 2 a week before my mom died, and I really don't know how I would have gotten through it without them. They still had to be bottle fed in the moring and at night (their mother abandoned them and my MIL bottle fed them until they started eating kitten food, then gave them to us). Feeding them, and watching them play and discover their world was amazing! No matter how bad of a day you have had, kittens will always make you smile.
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Congrats on the new kitty!!! I loove kittys!! And have to agree-they are good therapy!!
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