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Beautiful Siamese Mix In Dallas Area Needs A Home

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I just rescued a very sweet kitty who has been living on my street. She's front-declawed and extremely affectionate. She looks mostly Siamese, except for her sweet round face and a touch of tabby striping on her forehead and tail.

There's no room at the no-kill shelter right now, so she's living in my fenced backyard for the moment. We're in Plano, near the intersection of Spring Creek and Independence Parkway. If you'd like to meet this lovely kitty, please PM me!

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She is so cute!
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Any news? Were you able to find her a home?
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Well, I've learned that she has not been reported missing to any of the likely places around here... and I've driven around about a five-mile radius looking for "Lost Cat" signs. I also called three rescue groups and they were all overwhelmed, so nothing there yet. The shelter still doesn't have a place for her as of Friday, but I'll check Monday morning, because of course most adoptions take place over the weekend, and it's possible a space will open up.

So Miss Dorothy is still living in our backyard, and she seems gloriously happy! It's been rainy here, though, so I fixed up three different shelters for her using the big borrowed crate, a table, some chairs, a foam kittybed, a wicker basket with a blanket in it, and a lot of tarps! She disappears into one or the other of them when it rains, but as soon as it clears, she's curled up again on the mat at the back door.

She can get out of the yard, but she chooses not to. And she wants into the house desperately, bless her heart! But even if we had the money to get her thoroughly vetted (which we don't, after Pearl's troubles and my own doctor bills this past month), we don't dare let her inside -- she'd become Number Seven!

Because oh, what a sweetheart she is. She loves to roll on her back and have her tummy stroked... she lets me hold her for a few minutes at a time... she thanks me repeatedly with blinks and rubs while she's eating... she's adorable!

And in my mind, the pool of homes that are good enough for this darlin' little girl is rapidly growing smaller.
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She is such a pretty cat!! I have a special place in my heart for Siamese and/or Siamese mix kitties. (I have my gray Siamese rubbing on my hand for attention right now...lol)

I hope she finds a home soon.
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