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The Rooftop Kitty Saga continues...

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Some of you may recall my post about a month ago, when the fire department helped me get a stray cat down from a neighbor's roof. Another neighbor alerted me to the situation -- she said this poor kitty had been up there for three or four days!

Well, ever since then, that kitty has apparently been living under my car, which is parked in front of our house... and whenever she feels threatened, she darts down into the nearby storm drain.

I hesitated to rescue her for fear that she might actually have a home -- albeit a poor one, if they're letting her run loose. But our house is on the corner of a street that's long and straight and popular with teenage drivers who think they're immortal when they're behind the wheel... so I've been very worried about this kitty.

Yesterday, I saw her lounging under my car, so I strolled out and made a slow and circuitous approach, finally sitting down on the sidewalk about eight feet away from her. "Mau?" she inquired, and I assured her, "Mau, yes, definitely mau." She thought that over and finally agreed: "Mau." She came out and sniffed me once... twice... and then she flopped right over and asked for a tummyrub.

As I petted her, I discovered that her front paws are declawed, poor baby, and that made the decision for me: this cat cannot live outdoors. So I put some canned food, some dry food, and some cool Ozarka water on the porch for her, and she was thrilled. Even the water seemed to be a treat to her! And she licked eagerly at the bowl until she cleaned up every last speck of the canned food.

She stayed on the porch all evening, having a pleasant conversation with our cats through the glass door. I went out several times to spend a few minutes with her, and after dark, I brought out some more food and a kittybed. I left the porch light off, so she wouldn't feel like she was in a spotlight.

This morning, she was still there, so I fed her again and gave her some scritches. Then I gathered her into a carrier and drove her to the no-kill shelter where I volunteer. I could have called first to see if they had room for her, but I wanted to make it more difficult for them to say no.

In the car, I tried out some names on her and finally settled on Dorothy. So I made up a little song for her as we drove:

Dorothy's goin' to find a new home
A better place she won't have to roam from
Dorothy's goin' to find a new home
A safer and happier home

Ah, but it was not to be. The shelter was overwhelmed, and there was not one single cage available... and a declawed kitty really needs to start out in a cage until she adjusts to being in a room with about sixty other cats. So the intake coordinator asked me to keep checking with her, and she hoped there'd be a spot within two weeks.

Back out to the car, and I had to rewrite the little song:

Dorothy's gonna stay with us for awhile
We'll make a nice place for her in the back yard
Dorothy's gonna stay with us for awhile
'Til she finds a furever home

So I set up her food and water in our fenced back yard, took the door off the carrier so she'd feel safer using it as a shelter if it rains, and sat down to keep her company for awhile. She was very suspicious of me now, since I had gone from being the hand that fed her to being the hand that catnapped her... but she soon came right back to me, mauing and nuzzling my hands. She's a very, very sweet kitty!

So... I'm sure the shelter will find room for her eventually, but in the meantime... is there anyone in the Dallas area who might like to come meet her? She's such a loving, gentle girl... and despite living outside, she appears to be in good health. As you can see in the pictures, she's mostly Siamese, and she definitely has the Siamese penchant for conversation, too. If you think you might like to add her to your family, please PM me and we'll arrange a visit!
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What a beauty. I'm sure she will forgive as she gets used to you, the fresh water and food. When she does, give her scritches from us. Sending "shelter open spot" vibes to you.
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Oh what a beautiful girl!

Is there no way you can keep her?
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Yes, isn't she pretty? But gosh, no, we just cannot keep her... we have six already, and my parents are in their 80s... so as much as I hate to think of it, we have to bear in mind what would happen if my folks had to go into a nursing facility and all the kitties became mine.

I can't imagine where I could possibly afford to live that would allow me the six cats we already have, let alone seven! And I don't know how I would handle the vet bills for them all, either. The truth is, we've already exceeded the number of cats that would have been a responsible limit for us.
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Gosh she is BEAUTIFUL!!

I hope she finds a purr-fect forever home soon!
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Wow what a story.I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for her.I hope she finds a forever home.You sound like someone with a huge heart, good for you helping her out She is a beautiful cat.Love those eyes.Please keep us updated on her.

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Gosh I wish I knew of someone! I know a few people who now live in Ausin, but that's as close as they get to you. She's really beautiful!
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Gosh, she's georgeous! I hope you can find a good home for her. She's so lucky to have you looking out for her now.
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So that is what the rooftop kitty looks like!! Well, she's friendly so as soon as the shelter has room, she aught to get a home right quick.
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Well .... you could try one of those firemen Maybe they would want her?
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Thank you all for your good wishes for her! And gosh yes, what a great idea, Bonnie -- I need to do something nice for those firemen, anyway. Maybe I'll bake some of my sage-and-parmesan bread and take it over there to thank them, and also let them know that the kitty is looking for a proper home. You're brilliant!
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She is gorgeous Carol and congratulations for befriending her! She looks like one of my first feral cats, Samantha, that we rescued when we lived in Texas. Sending strong vibes that Dorothy can get placed quickly, cause after all, there's no place like home!
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She is so beautiful...I hope she finds a home soon
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She is a beauty! She doesn't look like she spent a lot of time out doors, so I wonder if she just ran out one night when her owners weren't paying attention. I know that has happened to me before. Luckily, the one that always tries to get out literally freezes in shock when he makes it! Have you tried putting an add in the paper to see if her owners are looking for her? Her owners could be complete idiots, but they could also be good, caring people that were carrying in the groceries and left the door open too long.

Either way, I hope you find a good home for her! Good for you for taking care of her for now.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Sending strong vibes that Dorothy can get placed quickly, cause after all, there's no place like home!

Ah, thank you for my first laugh of the day, Auntie Em!

And Calico... yes, that's possible, I know. Maybe I should make an effort to find her owners. But it seems like if someone actually cared about her, they would have put up signs when she first went missing, y'know?

She's not trapped, by the way -- the gate to our yard is propped open slightly, so if she chooses to leave, she can. But as far as I know, she hasn't set foot out of our yard since the day I sat down with her on the sidewalk. And she keeps mauing at the door, wanting to come inside and join our kitties, bless her heart! (She'd be welcome inside as a foster, if we could afford a vet visit to ensure everyone's safety, but we just can't. I can't even afford the prescriptions I'm supposed to be taking.)

I guess my fear is that, if I advertised or put up signs, an owner might come forward, but turn out to be a bad owner who declawed her and turned her out... and it would break my heart to give her back to someone like that.

I don't know. It's question I really should consider further, I guess. Input welcome...
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Can't remember if you did this already. Have vet check for chip and call HS to see if she has been reported missing. A responsible, worried owner will have reported her missing to the HS and animal control. Other than that, there has to be a new loving home out there for this pretty girl
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This is so good of you to take care of this stray. I can't believe the owner would let a cat outside that is declawed. I'm sure she does have an owner, maybe she got lost. I live nowhere near Dallas but I do hope you find a forever home for this sweet baby.
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She's gorgeous! I’m sure she'll find her furrever home soon!
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