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Dilated pupil!

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Hi, last night Dusty had one eye which was dilated, and one which was not. Of course i FREAKED out! He is still a little baby (9 weeks), and he has been tested and had all the appropriate shots. I waited a bit to see if it went away, and it did, but im not sure if there could be a bigger underlying problem with my baby!
It hasn't happened since, but any thoughts on wat i should do or wat it could be?
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I would suggest calling the vet on Monday. There are a number of different reasons for uneven pupils...hard to tell what it could be.

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I agree that an concerns should be discussed with your vet. Were their any environmental changes or recent vaccines/surgeries/etc.? Also, how was the lighting in the room? I've noticed that sometimes one of Willow's pupils looks larger than the other, but when I turn her over to face the light, the equalize again. That kind of reaction is just due to lack of light and is normal.
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