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Aftershave balm!

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This drives me mad! These so called tough men appear on TV ads and say how painful it is to use aftershave. Now they've made a aftershave balm that doesn't hurt when you use it! Wusses

Nothing quite like a good sting in a morning :P
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I think men are total wooses when it comes to thinks like this.

Try combing your average mans hair (whine whine whine!)
Reminds me of trying to comb my 2 year olds hair, she balls her eyes out over 1 tiny knot.
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I'm 'ard me, LOL

I shave with a sandblaster and use turpentine as aftershave :P No wonder the ladies avoid me :o
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Its like when men are sick, they think they are dying. WHY?
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For all guys who complain about how shaving hurts, I have two words:
Bikini Wax
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Kellye, don't even get me started on men when they are sick...oops, too late! My hubby is the WORST!! Last time he was sick with the flu, he wanted me to take him to the hospital emergency room. I'm not kidding. Granted, I'm sure he felt like he was going to die, but vomiting for 2 hours does not mean that you ARE going to die. He's also tryed to get me to take him to the ER for cutting his finger - not a horrible cut mind you, just a basic kitchen accident. I think he wins the award for Biggest Wuss!!
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My ex was SUCH a whiner. I should have known better, than to marry an only child!

Bill and my dad, on the other hand, have to be dragged kicking and screaming, to the doctor. Last year, I found out that Bill had not had a physical, since he got back from 'Nam. We took care of that, right away. I put him on vitamins and an aspirin a day, too.

BTW, Bunn: Bill shaves with a Bowie knife and uses Tabasco sauce for an aftershave!

(I've been living with a Texan way-y-y too long.)
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Pfft Bowie knives are for school boys Electric sanders are the in-thing.
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And I bet you use the coarsest disk sander you can find, eh BuNN. Yeah right. Tell me another . . .!!!
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At least he shaves! A couple of my guy friends think it's only a "once every few days" commitment!
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Ah Deb. It's a bloke thing. They like to think if they snog a girl they will leave their 'stubble rash' mark on them!!!

Obviously BuNN is sensitive to his fiancee's needs and ensures his face is as smooth as the proverbial baby's - and if that means sanding disks, well so be it!
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Bunn - you think sanding is macho, try a Brazilian bikini wax! Just reading about it, made me ache!
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Oh Cindy. Do tell. What's one of those then?

Is it coz Brazillians are (allegedly) rather hirsute ladies and it hurts more?
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LOL Yola! The part I find funny is that about 3 or 4 days into the stubble, they claim to be toying with the idea of growing something, but it never quite materializes.
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No, Yola. Its because the Brazilians wear VERY skimpy bikinis - essentially, a few strings and three spot Bandaids.

The Brazilian bikini wax removes ALL of the hair, from the area between one's bellybutton and tailbone. This involves slathering hot wax on some delicate and sensitive areas. No thanks!

I, for one, will just wear a swimsuit that covers those areas.
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Well you know at least all the men have to shave is their face. Us women on the other had have to shave our underarms, our bikini area, and our legs and if you're unfortunate a few other places....

Anyway....who decided that. Who said that a woman has to shave all that?? I'm a wimp. I think I'll stick to a plain ole razor...leave the sanders to the men!!

Happy sanding guys...

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Is that a challenge katl8e? Mmmmm bikini wax, suppose I could give it a!

I once tried growing a 'Goatee' beard. I gave up when I found that the hair in the center of my chin doesn't grow, LOL.
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I once tried growing a 'Goatee' beard. I gave up when I found that the hair in the center of my chin doesn't grow, LOL
I'm sorry Bunn, but when I saw this I just had to laugh. That's all my brother can grow, because he has no hair between his (very short) sideburns and his chin.
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Has he thought of using a goatee wig? Or maybe using a dark felt tip pen :tounge2:
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Bill has a long, thick, silver mane and his beard is heavy but, he has NO hair on his chest. Oh, well - we can't have everything!
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Has he thought of using a goatee wig? Or maybe using a dark felt tip pen
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Maybe, Ron Popeil's Hair in a Can?
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What a great thread! I just read through it all and got such a chuckle out of it!!! :laughing: use a sandblaster and turpentine??? :LOL: Talk about a burn! I will have to suggest that one to hubby!:tounge2: He does real good on shaving, except he doesn't use any aftershave...just the shaving cream (prefers the gel) I like a man who smells really good!!!! Men's cologne just drives me nuts!!! I LOVE it!!! But hubby has a whole shelf full of cologne I have bought him that he never wears. I don't know why. I get it out once in awhile just to smell it! I love Preferred Stock and my brother wears something that is just wonderful, but I can't remember the name of it. Polo is good too!

And as far as men being sick....when I am sick...I still have to cook his dinner and take care of the baby, but when he is sick..the whole world better stop. :laughing: He lays on the couch with the blanket up over his head and moans. "Can you make me some jello?" "Can you get me some 7-up?" "I think I'm dying here"
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I have now decided to use a cheese grater to shave. Me being the 'ard guy I am I will not feel pain! When I'm done shaving I shall then apply chilli peppers to my face to give me that curry smell.

Cologne? Surely thou speak in jest? A man does not use any nice smelling substance to make him smell nice, personal odours are best. The mixture of oil and sweet are all you need, lol.

No wonder the boss kicked me out of bed last night, either it was that or I had cold feet, lol.
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Might also have been the smell of chilli peppers making her eyes water! :laughing:
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