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Do your cats ever come back home soaking wet? Pickle does, it's like she enjoys playing in the rain!
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Chloe does, but when she comes in she goes to where we keep the tissues and stands there till we wipe her dry, then she goes back out to get wet again
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No- mine are indoors only
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Bean's indoors only. But my outdoor kitties, run inside when it's raining, they don't like to get wet.
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Mine are indoor only. But on the rare occation that Buffy tries to slip outside when the door has been open a second too long, and it's raining out, she'll stop dead at the entrance of the door, shocked at the water falling from the sky, and she'll turn right around and bolt back inside.
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Yes, Blaze loves to play in the water.Right now she is out in the creek playing.
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Nope, mine are indoor only, but they do go in the shower with me every morning and sit in the back of the tub!
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