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Bathing Cloths

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Has anyone used those pre-moistened cloths that you can buy to use for bathing your cats? It says it is 'safe' for the cat and you don't have to rinse the fur or anything. My cats have very short fur so I was wondering if this would be a good thing to use rather than trying to give them a full bath. The cloths also have aloe vera in them, etc which would be good for their skin. The only reason I'm wanting to try them is because my one cat has dandruff. I have started using some oil I got from the vet that is supposed to help her with this problem, but I also wondered if the bathing cloth would help too.
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I haven't heard of these towels myself although I'm in the UK. We never wash Suki, she hates water and she cleans herself. Her fur is immaculate and although she does get a little dandruff which is brushed off.
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Just check very carefully the ingredients. Sometime these 'natural' ingredients can cause serious problems. There were some thread going during the summer about Tea Tree Oil which is great for humans but very dangerous for cats.

I'd check Aloe Vera is OK, and also see if there's anything else in the cloths that might be suspect.
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The cloths are good for a quick clean up, but if you want to give more of a waterless bath, I would try the mousse they have, it works really well.
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Thanks for all the info, I'll try the wipes on a small area and see how they do and also check with my vet on the effect it would have on Lady's dandruff before I use it on her. I'm think I won't need to really use them much except for a small touch up cause their fur is so very short to begin with.
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