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Choosing The Right Litter

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What is the best cat litter to use? I've bought the Scoop Away were I can scoop up the urine and the feces with ease.
And it keeps odors away.


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Hey Nena10. You know, I think it is going to be trial and error for both you and your kitty!! When I got my cat, almost 3 years ago, we tried EVERYTHING!!! I bought the cheap stuff, the expensive stuff, the Natural stuff, the Pearls, clumping, non-clumping... etc.

What I settled on was Arm & Hammer clumping. For one cat, the freshness lasted the longest with daily scooping and I love the clumping feature!!! Plus, she seems to not flick it so much when she is getting out.

Some people, however hate the clumping because it can cause urinary tract infections is what I've heard. But my cat has had no problems. Just get different opinions of ones you've heard work well and try them with you and your cat!!
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I use chicken laying pellets. $10.00 for a 40kg sack. I'm in Australia and kitty litter is very expensive here - especially with two 6 month old kittens. The laying pellets are great, the kittens love it. There is NO smell, the top layer always stays dry and it can go straight into the compost heap.

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I also have tried just about every brand on the market. I personally prefer the Arm and hammer as well. I would say my kitties agree since they use it all the time. It does the job and it has the least amount of odor. I tried the natural stuff like the pellets and wood chips. They are great for clean up and urine..but dont hide the poop smell at all. I would have to scoop as soon as someone did their business.
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I use either Tidy Cats Crystals or Fresh Step Crystals. I have been using them since August, and my cat had no problems getting used to them. Satey has never had a problem with any litter, really. He's been through clumping, standard (cheap) clay (which I find is the easiest, just dump the whole box once a week and add a new bag), clumping again (but this time it was under a bathroom sink, and lets just say the litter he tracked out didn't mix well with the water that drips off your body after washing up. I think that bathroom floor STILL has clay on it) back to standard clay, I became dissastisfied with the clay and bought clumping (but after one very hot night, waking up with tons of clumping litter in my bed and stuck to my sweaty body I dumped it), to the crystals. I have one cat, and I use 2 bags of the crystals, and they last a month. You do have to scoop out the solid waste, though. It tracks far less that standard clay litter, is less dusty, and masks odors better.
I would be willing to try wood pellets as they seem like they would be easier to scoop. I refuse to use any product that clumps ever again, though.
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