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When do you turn on your Air Conditioner?

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Blech. I hate summer

Our weather has been so wacky recently, somedays its up in the 90s, and then the next its in the 50s and 60s. Today is 85* and humid- but tomorrow its supposed to be only 60* and cool. On days like today I REALLY wanna turn the AC on, but I love the lower bill when I don't have to use it, and especially when its gonan be cooler tomorrow... I think I'd rather just wait it out.

When do you draw the line and turn on the AC? Harley & Bayley are loving it tho, they've been laying in the sun all morning, enjoying a slight breeze coming in thru the doors and windows.

I just wanna turn it on
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I can't stand to be hot ... so our central air has been going on since End of March...on and off...in the summers here, which are horribly hot and so much humidity it runs non stop all summer.
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There were perhaps a dozen days all winter when I didn't have it on. I dream of living in a place where opening the windows is enough!
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Our hydro is included in rent so I have had mine on (on and off) for the last few weeks.
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I love the heat. I don't bother turning mine on unless it is over 90 and raining so I can't leave the windows open. I've put ceiling fans in most of the rooms at the new house so that if there isn't a breeze, I create one inside with the fans.

It's been similar weather here: 90 one day and 50 the next. We've had neither heat nor air on for the last 45 days.
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I cannot stand it to be hot in any kind of way. If we have a mild winter, sometimes I will sleep with the AC on then ....... it all just depends on what the weather is like. As long as I wake up with my teeth chattering Im good.
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We have to turn ours on if it's going to be in the upper 70's and sunny outside. Having a metal roof and not the best insullation, it will be at least 10 degrees warmer in here than outside and we have to think of the girls. I will not leave my windows open and that only helps so much here too. Our has been on for over a month...maybe 2 months already because of that. It doesn't run much or at all if it's cooler, but we've really needed it.
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As soon as I can afford to buy one

Seriously, if I had one, I'd only use it when the heat is bad enough to affect my mood or keep me awake at night.
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Actually, I'd had mine on for a couple of weeks, but running only as a dehumidifier. I've found that if you can get the moisture out of the air, a couple of fans are plenty until mid June or so. It's the humidity that I can't take.
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What Air Conditioner?

Yes, there will be a stretch in high summer when we'll moan about the heat, but it won't be like what all you guys are talking about -- or at least not for an extended period -- and we also don't get the humidity that a lot of you are burdened with in summer. For the most part, open windows and doors are sufficient, as long as there's the possibility of a cross-draft. At the very hottest, we'll place fans in strategic positions to move the air.
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Your weather sounds like mine. I already have had my a/c a couple of different days already, when my place hits 80 degrees, I turn on the a/c. I don't care what month it is and I turn it off when it gets cooler, like today. It's so chilly here today that I don't even have my windows open. I just go by the weather and not the season, I have been know to turn on the a/c in early November cuz it was just too hot for me.
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I've run mine a couple of days already. And in between, I've had the heat on. I don't deal with hot, or even warm, very well. I always joke that my girls never lose their winter coats, cuz I keep my house so cold. My house has to be pretty cold at night for me to be able to sleep well.
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The real question should be - when do you turn off your heat!!
I actually had to turn the heat back on yesterday morning before
I went to work. I had turned the thermostadt down to 58, so that when it cooled down at night, the heat wouldn't come on - we have had days with temps in the high 80's, but still cool at night. When I heard the weekend weather I realized that I really did need to have a bit of heat on to keep the house from being terribly cold and damp. Come on, it is the middle of May - I still haven't been able to plant tomatoes, etc......brrrrr.....I don't want to turn the AC on, but I would like to open my windows!
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We had 80+ degree days in January, along with 60 degree days in April.
With Old English Sheepdogs, in their long coat, we have the AC on when it start getting warm out.
Heat is more of an issue than cold down here. In fact, my sons never wore a coat to high school, even on cold days.
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Ummmmmmmmm I've had mine on for a long time now. In Jan. we had 86' weather.So, I have run mine and off since then.
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I think I've had my AC on since February!! HAHAHA! Was a very mild winter this year, so I saved money on heat! However, the past couple of days have been beautiful. 75 and sunny, low humidity. I want to move somewhere where it is like that most of the summer... without the snow in the winter. I'm open for suggestions!
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If it's above 80 outside then I turn mine on. Especially at night, I can't sleep if I'm hot.
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When I work Overtime!!!!!
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No air conditioning here. Just big, old shade trees and fans. I like fresh air and open windows with the sounds of birds in the morning and crickets at night. I hate it when I have to close the windows when it gets cold, it's so quiet.
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No airconditioning in our house either. I rely on shutting the blinds on the east side of the house in the am and the west ones in the afternoon. She have shade trees and that helps too. If it gets really bad I pull out the air mattress and sleep in the family room in front of a fan. We have a ceiling fan in our bedroom and others to use. We spend most of our evening outside anyhow and with me working outside I do get used to the weather. However Neil would like to look at having central A/C installed in our house-but as we heat w/electric-no ductwork so a special A/C system for us.
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No air conditioner - it's FREEZING living by the Pacific Ocean. We're lucky if we have three days in the summer above 21 C (70 F). Usually, a summer day is about 15 - 18 C here (60 - 65 F).


We can have a fire in the fireplace any night of the year, and use flannel sheets and down comforters all year around! BRRRRR!

I don't turn the heat on in the summer out of principle! We just put another layer on and some warm socks. I figure when I go through pre-menopause and have hot flashes, I'll be comfortable.
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My goal this year is to not turn on my air at all I have ceiling fans and box fans and oscillating fans at the ready, but I figure if it gets in the 90s for a stretch, I may have to break down and turn it on I'm in the same boat as Leighann, I live in a tin box with a tar roof, but I have no problem leaving my windows open when I'm not here... there's nothing for them to take really, they'd probably run screaming when a crazy dog and at least 6 cats descended on them but I really need to keep my lectric bill as low as possible this year, but if I can't dry off from my shower, then that could be a problem
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We started last month. Any day over 76 or very humid days the A/C is on. Right now it's barely 60 out side and it's 77 in the apartment. The joys of living on the top floor.
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I'm just a couple of miles form the ocean so I don't need it too often - tho last summer it was really hot and humid. blech! I've only had to run it on once so far this year and that was at night - that is usually the only time I care - so I can sleep.

I guess it has to get to above 80 for me to really care to turn it on - otherwise fans are fine with me.
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Living in florida, mines almost always on
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Oh I would love to have AC! Here in Portland it doesn't often get hot enough that AC is an absolute must. Last summer, we had a couple of weeks where it would not get out of the 90s. I would have done anything for AC then!

I live in a studio on the 3rd floor with only 3 south facing windows - no cross current unless I open the door to the hallway where the neighbors can see inside. Don't want to do that During those weeks, Seb often slept under the cast iron tub on the tiled bathroom floor. Smart kitty! I just stretched out and sprayed myself with water with box fans going on high and didn't get much sleep. I even covered Seb with a wet towel at night and he didn't mind. Poor guy was cookin. I hope this summer is cooler. I hate heat!
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
Living in florida, mines almost always on
I would too! But living in MN... the weather is ALWAYS changing! Luckily we haven't had our heat on in about 2 months (YAY!!) & I love it, our electric bill has been super low, and I just hate having to turn on the AC, cuz that just means higher bills!
Luckily it cooled off drastically tonight, so I'll open the windows and patio door for awhile to get some cool air in here before we head to bed.
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We haven't turned it on yet. Mostly cuz dad's a tightwad. He actually got himself a pair of earplugs from the shop he was tired of me whining "it's so hot" "can we turn the air on?"

It's been up to 88 for a high here, but still...windows open. I think the extreme million mile an hour winds we've been having helped keep the house cool(ish).
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
Living in florida, mines almost always on
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Umm we don't have one. My house is notorious for sometimes being hotter inside than it is outside.

Our house is currently equipped with tons of fans, including ancient ones from Sears with that 1970's look. We wouldn't be able to get one now anyway because my dad's work is on strike.
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