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I loooooove the Dollar Store!

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Its where I get all my cleaning products- I refuse to buy them at any other store, becuase I can get the SAME brand for only $1, where as if I go to anyother department store, I'll pay like $3-$4 for the same thing! I just got 5 bags of cleaning supplies and some other things for only $12! They had the off brand of the magic erasers- and they work just the same as the name brand ones from Mr. Clean

They also had brownie mixes - 2 for $1.... big bags of hashbrowns... only $1, and when I was grocery shoppng the other day, they were like $2.25! Our Dollar Store just started carrying a frozen foods section, and they have a great variety of stuff!

I The Dollar Store - does anyone else?
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I do!!! I love the do-dads they have sometimes,too!
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OMG, if I don't get to the dollar store at least once a week I go into withdrawal! You can save SO much money! My favorite sweater I got at the dollar store for $7.00. You can find great buys!
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We have the Dollar Store- where everything is $1 - but then we also have Dollar General, where things are cheaper, but not everything is $1 - I always go with the Dollar Store I'm a stingy shopper!
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We have several varieties of dollar stores here. I like the Dollar Tree where everything is $1. I don't get there often, usually when shopping for little Christmas things.
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Thats funny Kenz, I was JUST at the dollar store too I got some food bowls for Trout and some drain cleaner....oh and some chip clips
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well being as i work at a family dollar, lol yup yip I love dollar stores.
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I am bad to let loose in the Dollar store! You litterally have to give me a $5 bill and threaten to take away my debit card! I've picked up most of my seasonal desk decorations for work there.
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I like to browse at the Dollar store. Sometimes you can find things there that you wouldn't find elsewhere. I never walk out empty handed
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Hmmmm....I just never think to go to the dollar stores. We have several different ones here in town, too. I just might have to do that tomorrow for the heck of it!
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I LOVE to shop at those stores.
That's where I get all my cleaning supplies too, and you're right the "Magic Erasers" from there work just as well as the Mr. Clean ones.

We have "Dollar General" "Family Dollar" and "Dollar Tree"
I shop mostly at "Dollar General" because it's the closest and right next to the grocery store.
My Sister is the Asst. Manager of the "Dollar Tree" so she always calls me when they get neat things in.
They carry a line of "9 Lives" cat toys at 2 for a $1 my fur babies love them!

I've only ever been in "Family Dollar" a couple of times because I never go to that end of town..if I did I probably shop there too
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We have "Dollar General" "Family Dollar" and "Dollar Tree"
we have those too.
Our Dollar Tree is right next to Wal-Mart.I love to go in there, but to be honset, I don't go often..............cause I spend way too much in there.
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Here, we don't have the dollar store, but the two dollar store - conversion rates and all.

My son loves going in there - whenever he wants a toy, he asks to go into the two dollar store - that saves me a whole lot of money. BUT he is begging me for Spiderman 3 toys and unfortunately, you can't buy them there.
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Oh i just adore Dollar Tree!!!!!
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I love dollar stores and discount stores all the time. The savings are unbelievable.
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They have the greatest dog toys! I always buy a ton ot donate to the shelter, too.
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We have Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree.... I LOVE all 3 of them.

My kids are always wanting to go to spend thier dollars they get for chores
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Just give it a few weeks and you may find them there.I know I saw Shrek 3 toys in ours last week.
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Heck, I do most of my Christmas shopping there! Over the past few years, I've noticed that the merchandise is better quality, so it's appropriate for giving. I get all of my gift bags, most of my cards, and tissue paper, anc votive candles there (I use a lot of candles). I also get some cat toys there--the kitties' Christmas gifts (along with treats).

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I love pound shops (hey, would be strange to find a dollar shop where no one has dollars eh? )...If we pass one I just *have* to go into it...find loads of great kitty stuff there too, like little toys which Patchypoos loves.
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Originally Posted by Patch View Post
I love pound shops (hey, would be strange to find a dollar shop where no one has dollars eh?
too true!
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YESSS!! I love the dollar store. It is such a great place...espically if your in a hurry and only need a few things. Does anyone else have a Dollar Tree? Those are awesome too!!!
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Just don't buy the toothpaste; some have ten times the approved amount of fluoride.

The kids' jewelry can be dangerous, too, since the metals may contain lead.

Sorry to be a party pooper. The paper products are good!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Just don't buy the toothpaste; some have ten times the approved amount of fluoride.
Wow! Thanks for the tip- i won't be getting toothpaste at dollar stores anymore! (i've got colgate at dollar tree several times before). Lately, Colin and i have been getting ours from walmart and costco in bigger packs so i hope those are safe.
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i used to be a major dollar store shopper. but not since we moved to iowa in 2004. the dollar stores are on the opposite side of town as where i shop. now target and petsmart are right next door to each other, and that can be bad. and the bargain section at target (everything is $1 or $2.50) is downright hard to pass up. i found the cats a cute pop-up tent for $2 at christmas.
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