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Originally Posted by jaycee View Post
if thats true, waiting that long is still better than 7 weeks. although i have always read they normally dont go into heat until six months or later.
Let's please not focus on when a cat goes into heat...I know plenty of situations where the kitten showed no signs of heat and managed to get out and become pregnant.

Our rescue doesn't spay/neuter until 8/9 weeks and prefers to wait until 10/12 weeks when possible. We find that when we wait a little longer, they don't get sick as often. My personal upper limit is 4 months.

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The shelter I work for does it at 8 weeks. If you can do it that young, then I would reccomend it. People always put it off because of this or that. Then one day, the cat is knocked up. Now it's too late, unless you are willing to pay for an abortion as well.

All of my cats were fixed at 2 months. Frito even weighed less than 2 pounds for his neuter.

All of them are normal fat happy cats.

However if for some reason I found a cat/kitten on the road. I would probably get it done at 3 months. That would be a personal preference age. However, it's not that big a deal.

As long as they are neutered/spayed, that's the most important fact.

The problem is that people don't seem to quite understand is that the general public can not be trusted to spay/neuter their animals in time. This is why shelters have to make it a policy that no animal leaves the shelter intact.
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Originally Posted by jaycee View Post
it affects the way their bones grow, they grow faster and wind up growing longer than they would have so your cat would be slightly bigger than it would have been. no, its not a gross deformity but since it does affect them i would rather wait if possible, until they are between 5-6 months which is right BEFORE they mature sexually.
Actually this isn't true. Early spay/neuter has been around for over 20 years now and they have done a lot of research about the differences between early speuters, later speuters and unfixed cats. It's a common enough practice for the medical community to study it now.

The only difference in size that has been noticed is the fullness of their heads, and that is primarily in males. A never fixed male will have that full tom-cat head. A later neutered male's head will be much smaller, and in some cases (not all cases) an early neutered male's head will be slightly smaller than a later neutered male's head. It's not really the size of the bone structure, but the fullness in the cheeks.

Some of the largest cats in my house were neutered at 8 weeks old and haven't even noticed the head size difference. Some of my later neutered males are quite smaller.
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None of the vets in my area will do it before 6 months. I don't know why; I've asked and the answer is that is the practice!! I don't mind waiting as I won't be letting Harry out unsupervised anyway in the meantime. It worries me sometimes that this country seems to be very behind when it comes to animal welfare..........
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I totally agree, especially on this subject. I think every cat owner should ensure their cat is done. I cant bear the thought of all the poor kittens being born to a life of abuse, or being drowned!

Unfortunately, some of the people who get cats just dont really care, at all. If only there was some sort of 'vetting' process( pun not intended!), some test people would have to go through before they are allowed a pet. We have to pass a driving test to prove we are responsible drivers, we should have to prove that we are responsible pet owners as well.
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