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9 week old kitten

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hi! Dusty is his name and he is just everything to me right now! This is my first time as a kitten mommy! I adopted Dusty about a week ago and he is just a doll! I really want to make sure he has the best care and doesnt get depressed!

The problem is, he doesnt like being left alone because he is so used to being with his brothers and sisters! I adopted him with my Finacee and the plan was to have him live over at his paretns house, because they have another cat. He was there for a few days, and him and Midnight get along, but he is to young to give him the full house to roam in, so he cries and cries when you leave him in his room! I spend almost all day with him, but soon i will have to start to work!

He is currently at my house, where he still cries everytime i leave him! Its so hard to hear bc he is just to cute! i have tried alot, but until he gets used to my Dog, he cant leave his room! i sometimes put Radar (the dog) downstairs and let Dusty roam and play, but my dog goes crazzyy bc he hears Dusty and wants to play! Same for when Dusty is crying, Radar goes crazzyyy. i really want Dusty to be able to roam the house and play with Radar, but until he isn't scared of him, he has to stay in my room !!

Please any advice on what to do would help! I cant bring him to his other home until his crying is better, bc it is REALLY loud. Im sure you all know this cry i am talking about, its so hard to hear! I love little Dusty Buckets, and i know he is a baby, but i cant spend ever second with him! PLEAASEE anything to help him i want him to be happy!
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Ever think of getting him a Friend? 2 cats I have found is better then 1.
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I agree. If you have room for and can afford 2, they will keep each other occupied.
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Yes, a friend would be great for him! Hunter we rescued, from my sister's backyard, (because someone dumped him there) And he was doing the same things, and some things different. And then we found Lucky, in my mom's motor, him and her got a long great!! And then not much more crying from Hunter!! And my leg was finally free!! lol He liked chasing my leg. lol Good luck!!
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