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Peedoodle's Pic!

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Here is a picture of the "adorable" Peedoodle! Is this kitty a "total" ham or what? :tounge2:

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Oh hes just beautiful!!! So snuggly!!!!
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Someone's posing!

Cute kitteh and so fluffeh
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What a lovely little face! Kitty knows it's cute alright!
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He looks just like Sam. And poses like him too.
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I just see a little blank box with two small blue diamond dots and a small pink triangle inside.
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Peedoodle is so cute! What an adorable pose!

Laurie, right click on the pic and go to the Properties. Copy the Address and put that in your web browser Address line and hit Go. You should be taken to the pic.
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Weird... I don't see anything.. not even a space where the picture should be.
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Thank you so much Carla for posting Peedoodle for me. I have so much trouble putting his pictures on this forum! Thanks!

Yes, Peedoodle is indeed a poser, and he is also spoiled LOL

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Heidi - it was unable to locate the server even when I pasted the location straight into the browser. I guess that's why it can't find the pic to begin with!
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Very cute!! He looks like the twin of my Sunshine, except she's a girl!!
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I can see the picture just fine.
What a little sweetheart!!!!!
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What an adorable cat!!! Just beautiful!!! He looks exactly like my cat "Shadow" that was a feral until I tamed him.
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