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things a girl will never say...

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1. You know, I've been complaining a lot lately. I don't blame you for ignoring me.

2. The new girl in my office is a real beauty, and a stripper too, I invited her over for dinner on Friday

3. While you were in the bathroom, they went for it on fourth down and missed. If they can hold them to a field goal they'll still cover.

4. Bar food again! Kick ass.

5. I liked that wedding even more than ours. Your ex-girlfriend has class.

6. That girl is wearing the same outfit as I am. Cool, I'm gonna go over and talk to her.

7. Let's just leave the toilet seat "up" at all times, then you don't have to mess with it anymore.

8. I've decided to buy myself a boob job. How big do you want 'em?

9. It's only the third quarter, you should order a couple more pitchers.

10. Honey, come here! Watch me do a Tequila Shot off of Stephanie's bare ass.

11. My mother is going to take care of the tab, so order another round for you and your friends.

12. I'm so happy with my new hairstyle, I don't think I'll ever change it again.

13. Damn! I love when my pillow smells like your cigars and beer. You passed out before brushing your teeth again, ya' big silly!

14. You are so much smarter than my father.

15. If we're not going to have sex, then you have to let me watch football.

16. Are you sure you've had enough to drink?

17. I've decided to stop wearing clothes around the house.

18. You're so sexy when you're hung over.

19. I'd rather watch football and drink beer with you than go shopping.

20. Let's subscribe to Hustler.

21. I'll be out painting the house.

22. I love it when you ride your Harley, I just wish you had more time to ride.

23. Honey, our new neighbor's daughter is sunbathing again, come see!

24. No, No, I'll take the car to have the oil changed.

25. Your mother is way better than mine.

26. Do me a favor, forget the stupid Valentine's Day thing and buy yourself something.

27. Listen, I make enough money for the both of us, why don't you retire?

28. Look! My ass is fatter than yours!

29. Let's get rid of my friends and keep all of yours. Â:censor:
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Good one! :laughing:
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Yeah, right! :laughing:
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Too funny, although I have to disagree with #3. I had to teach my S/O what a safety is in American football. And I kicked his butt in a season long football pool last year.
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A hahahaha! I love them all!
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30. You have a rest love, I'll empty the cat litter

Oh well I can always wish
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LOL. I dunno, I could have potentially been guilty of #2.
A new girl that came up from another town to work with us for a week was REALLY good looking, and it just so happened she used to be a stripper lol.
If I hadn't fled town so fast, I probably would have made some plans with her, or at least tried, since she lived about an hour away.

I also should say that I do #17 sometimes already!
And #22, I kinda agree with, only not a harley but a sports bike, riding it always made my fiance SOOOO happy and soo at peice, and I loved to do it with him.
And #29 I've already been subjected too, I haven't had any of my own friends in VA/DC/MD for the whole 3 years that I have known my fiance. I had one freind once that I could hang out with, but my fiance wound up hating her, and now I do too.

As for #30... *shudders* I just don't ask Kirt to do it anymore, he does such a horrible job. I had to ask him to take care of 2 rescue kittens while I was away at work all night... poor poor kittens. Never again.
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I have to admit, I can relate to most of the football ones. I think I'm more of a sports fan that he is, actually. I come by it honest, though. My mother was a sports nut too!

#30 - I know much better than to ever even ask him to do the litter. It was supposed to be his job when we first got them. Good thing they were little and didn't make much, and we had big litterboxes for them. After nagging him for almost a month (I know, bad kitty MOMMY for not doing it sooner! ), I finally took care of it and have been since then. I can't trust him to pick up his dishes, let alone take care of the babies. It's not fair to them to have to live like that because he's too lazy to do it!
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valan: That's exactly right.
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These were great! I emailed them to a friend of mine who I think is looking for this exact girl!
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