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My cat is drinking plant water

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I have a small mason jar that I keep on the sink in which I put cuttings from plants in water to root. I caught Sweetie drinking the water. She also tries to pull the cuttings out. She has plenty of water available elsewhere. Will this water harm her? There isn't any thing else in the jar just water. I can keep her away from it when I'm home but who knows what she does when I'm at work or at night. She is one stubborn cat.
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There's a chance that bacteria or worse is growing in the water if it's been there for a while. Can you make some sort of lid to sit over or in the jar rim? Maybe modify a plastic lid of some sort that comes off of pringles or nut cans
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You know, I would rather have my cat drinking indoor "plant water" than outdoor puddle water.

A little bacteria from plants is not going to hurt your kitty. A little antifreeze WOULD.

I'd say try to keep the plant water away from kitty if it bothers you, but please don't stress about it.

After all, I grow cat grass in my Drinkwell fountain hydroponically - there is a kit made specifically for that, so if it was harmful, I'd already know about it.
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Oh the plants aren't the bad part, it's if the water has been in the jar for several weeks. You know, till it starts to turn a little brown.
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Animals intestines process bacterias differently than do humans. But you are correct that if it is STAGNANT water, then it should be avoided.

Perhaps changing the water in your plant containers daily would fix any problem - and the plants would like it too.
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The water with the plants is probably contains more oxygen than the water in her bowl. Cats really like that. That's why you see some drinking out of water glasses, sinks, etc. Unless you put something in the plant water it shouldn't hurt but if you'd like her to stop with out a lot of trouble to you get a water recycler. It will keep the water even fresher and draw her away from your jar. Well, I say that and I mean probably because you know each cat will make up her own mind about each issue presented to her!
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Mine does the same
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I have seen people put tape across the tops of containers to keep kitties out. You could try it and see if it works. It would have to be a fairly strong tape and placed close enough together that your cat couldn't put his head in it. I suppose you could even put it sticky side up that way the kitty really wouldn't like it.
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