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Those who've been following my journal know that Rocket has started spraying. That's detailed here:

I'm considering a plan, so I'll just quote this paragraph I just wrote for today's journal entry:

While washing dishes I see Rocket backing up to the backside of the recliner, where he squirted yesterday. I yell and throw the sponge at him. He’s startled before he has a chance to squirt. Then, moments later, I see him backing up to the closed bedroom door. I’m right there to stop him. But I can’t watch him all day. He gets shut in the cats’ room He hasn’t sprayed in there as far as I can tell. But I’m just this side of desparation setting in. I can’t let him get started with this behavior. I’m wondering whether I should take him out of the equation. Maybe if he lives in the basement for a couple weeks I could get the grey cat in and then reintroduce HIM. But that was my last chance move with Tommy and it didn’t work with him. Time for another thread and get some advice from the members of the forum.
Thoughts? Suggestions?