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I just came in from work. And Macy has wanted to play every since I got home. And Tavia keeps getting up on my desk and watching down the hall and when Macy walks by she swats at her stub tail And Lilly and the others are sleeping. Which I will be doing shortly. Tavia is in a very vocal mood this morning. Every time she gets on my desk she has a little conversation with me. Its as if she is fussing at me cause I was gone all night. But meowmy can't help it if she doesn't work then she cant buy stuff for her girls.
I am so tired it was a long night but a good one. Macy is now walking around in circles trying to get a comfy spot. I gotta make an appointment for Tavia's shots they are a bit late. Which was not my fault was because work shorted me on my pay check. But I think it will be alright. I know I need to get her some revolution for fleas and such too she doesn't have them but I don't want her ever getting them.
Well I guess I will go for now I am tired and so therefore I am rambling

I mainly wanted to tell everyone good morning.

Love Gail, Tavia, Macy, Lilly, Lady, and the rest of my girls.