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Guess I should've introduced myself

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Hello again,
I posted a question a few days ago and realized that it was probably rude of me to have jumped in so quickly without an introduction. I was just so confused as to what to do about my new baby.
Any way, I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. I also am feeding and looking after about 15 feral kitties, one of whom left me the gift of my precious new kitten. He was abandoned by Mommie for some reason (I guess because this was her first "litter?". He was the only one she had. He is now 8 days old and thriving. I thought I was going to adopt him out when he got old enough, but realize that there is no way I can do that now. He is my little heart now. I never thought that a kitten could have a personality so young.
My Sheltie was dislocated after Katrina and showed up at my doorstep. After discovering that she had an id chip, we found her owner and ended up buying her. She was in a breeding progam so has much experiance in raising babies, so I gave her "diaper duty" to my new little Shilo (which means gift).
Bfore I got sick with T1 Diabetes, I was a thrapeutic riding instructor but now I train horses for the progam. I am glad to be back in the progarm, but still miss teaching the children.
Any way, that's just a little bit about me. I am enjoying this site and there is a plethera of info on here. I'm so glad I found you all.
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Hi and welcome!!!

I am quite new here as well and have gained some valuable advice from these guys.

Gosh you must be kept busy!! I do however admire you for giving all your time and devotion and you will definetly reap the rewards.


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Welcome welcome! I'm new too
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Thank you Clair and Andre for your kind words of welcome and to you also Greyf for the welcoming balloons.
I just got home from my overnight stay with my new kitten. When I left yesterday, I discovered that my baby was coming down with an upper respratory problem so had to get an antibiotic before I could leave. I was terrified of taking an 8 day old baby to a tournament but had no choice. As it turned out all was ok. He stayed in the room with the heating pad and I cancelled one of the events in order to keep him on his tight feeding schedule. I realize now that I will not be able to give him up for adoption.
So now I'm gonna spend some time learning how to use this forum. I don't understand "private messages".
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