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Kitties not gettin' along :(

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Since about 2 weeks ago, both of the cats of the house have no been getting along ... well, more so the more dominant cat of the house has been hissing and growling at the other one ... everytime he sees him.

The more dominant cat is about 15 years old, Tokinese,
very little health problems (and loves me to pieces )
His name is Prince.

The other cat is about 12 years old, Mixed breed .. Calicoish
but has a -ton- of health problems. Including Diabetes and
bad teeth :/ (which he recently had to a few extracted by
the vet).
His name is Rocky.

-I- think the reason Prince is being all growly at Rocky everytime
he sees him is because he can tell the other cat's sick ...

My grandparents think though it's because the other cat
got back from the vet fairly recently, and the kitties never
get along after trips like that.

Well, since than we've been trying to keep them seperated..
But it's difficult since they live in their own room.

I've been keeping my kitty in my room overnight
for a few days.

I'm not sure what else to do. Real questions are, What's -else-
might be causing Prince to start hissing and growling at
Rocky (since It's been 2 weeks since he's gotten back from the vet)?
And, what else can we do to make the stress more bearable,
for each of them? :/

~ Kathryne
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It would have been a good idea to immediately use a drop of pure vanilla on each of their tails and chins when he came home, so vet smells would be neutralized by their smelling the same (or even easier would have been to towel rub each with the same towel). You could still try it out I guess, but whether it would work now is hard to say.
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