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Need Help!

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If you live in the St Thomas/London (ON) area and want to help out at our major fundraiser this May 26/27th, it is very appreciated.

We currently are looking for people to barbeque hot dogs/burgers. And help run the bbq stand in general (grilling, managing the cash, dressing the burger/dog). We will be selling pop as well as the burgers/dogs.

We will be having a yard sale the Saturday morning... but it will only be going till noon or so, likely.

Also looking for people to help inside the rescue centre. It will be open during the 2-day event. One person who knows the cats will be in there. (me, and 2 other ladies, taking shifts) But are also looking for people to watch the flow of people. Our cats run free in our centre and we have had cats stolen before.
Minor cleaning throughout the day may be needed inside the centre.

Also our major clean in the mornings of both days is going to be hard with few volunteers. The main centre alone takes 3-4 hours to clean. Not including feral rooms, and special needs rooms. (specific people for those jobs. Me - feral rooms)

We also will be setting up the stage which is being delivered by the Western Fair Saturday morning. I'm not sure when.
Tear down will be worse. Our music marathon ends at 5:30pmish(sunday).. and we have until 6pm to remove all sound equipment and put the stage back together.

'm not sure if they will be needing help with any of the music stuff.. but we may be having people go through the crowds (hopefully!) with donation bins and such.

Or, just want to come down for the music and food? You are welcome to!

I don't know how much help this will bring.. but it was worth a shot!

you can PM me for details or check out our website for contact information.
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Sunday 12-2 we are also having hair cuts done by a few people from local salons (First Choice, and a few privately owned) For $5, you get a cut, no washing or blowdrying included.

Dotsy the Clown will also be there both days doing face painting and selling popcorn and sno-cones.

Today we are setting out the yard sale items and will be having security watching it overnight. There is just too much to do tomorrow to set it up then.
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Poor turn out today likely due to the crappy weather.

Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow.
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