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LSU's Mike the Tiger has died

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LSU's Mike the Tiger has died.

I saw this on the LSU board that I belong to.

There is more stuff about him here,

He was a beautiful animal. I have always thought that the Bengal Tiger was the most beautiful animal ever.

It is a very sad day for LSU fans.

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They had just got done building him a brand new (and very expensive) habitat to live in too. He lived at LSU.
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Awwww, RIP Mike You will be missed
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WOW Belinda, he's so gorgeous...Rest in peace Mike
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RIP Mike, may your soul be with us.
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Sorry to hear this- he looked like a beautiful animal and a mascot to be proud of
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oh what a shame, that is so sad - he was indeed a majestic animal - his reign will continue, he'll have a special role over the Bridge, sorting out all those cheeky kittens

RIP Great one, you are in a special place now, you are much loved and missed
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I appreciate everyone here, I hope people understand just how much Mike V meant to LSU and its fans. He was so loved.

Here is a little piece about his new habitat which was finished in 2005, (I think)

The old enclosure for Mike the Tiger is only 2,000 square feet in size with minimal amenities. The new environment created for Mike will be 15,000 square feet in size with lush planting, a large Live Oak tree, a beautiful waterfall and a stream evolving from a rocky backdrop overflowing with plants and trees. The habitat has, as a backdrop, an Italianate tower, a campanile, that creates a visual bridge to the Italianate architectural vernacular that is the underpinning of the image of the entire beautiful LSU campus. This spectacular new habitat will feature state-of-the-art technologies, research, conservation and husbandry programs, as well as educational, interpretive and recreational activities. It will, in essence, be one of the largest and finest Tiger habitats in the United States

I think the cost of the new habitat was about 2.5 million dollars. Some of this money was raised and donated by LSU fans.

It was awesome to go see him at his new home. It was amazing just to watch him at home.

It really is sad for LSU fans. They will get another Tiger which will be Mike VI, all of our mascots have been named Mike. If you go to you can read so much more about him and what kind of life he had. You can also see just how much he meant to the fans, and how much they loved him.
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Everyone at the tiger board is so sad
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How sad! RIP Mike.
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RIP Mike
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Such a beautiful boy.

Rest in peace Mike.
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