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Do cats get lonely?

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We just got a kitten a couple of days ago. He has fitted in with the family just perfect but one problem has come up. When we go out he meows the whole time until we get home, I know this as we live next to my parents and they told me when I went to get my daughter from school the whole time he was meowing waiting for us to get home.
The only way I can think of him not getting lonely is if I go and get him a cat friend. He came from Animal Welfare League so he has been desexed and would get a friend from there as well.
Any advice would be great
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Yes, they do get lonely. You can try leaving the radio on for him when you go out. That way it's not deathly quiet. You might also consider adopting a second kitty too. That way they have each other when you aren't home.
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They definately get lonely. We had Harley for about a year before we adopted a friend for him, and I wish we would have done that sooner. We were gone a lot for work during the day- and I didn't think it was fair for him to be home alone. I think that extra kitty in the house relaly helps form a bond, and friendship- and it helps when your away too
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Welcome to TCS!!!

Yes, cats do get lonely. Many rescues require you adopt a pair of kittens if you do not already have a cat. And it is truly wonderful to see two cats socializing.

Congrats on the new baby, BTW! And thank you for adopting.
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Thank you for your replies, I will have to look into getting him a friend shortly.

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I would definantly get another kitty. unless cats are natural loners or there is someone to keep them occupied then they get lonely.
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