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Barbs under top lip?

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Yesterday while playing with my cat I noticed he has what appear to be barbs under his top lip. It almost looks like rough areas, but it doesn't really look like a wound. They are very distinct, they protrude about 1/3 of an inch.

I thought this was very odd, so I went and got my other cat(he was thrilled =) ) and looked in the same area... There they were! I have absolutely never seen this before. It is the strangest thing. It almost seems like in grown fur, or whiskers or something.

Does anyone know if this is normal? Could anyone check their cats for me? =) I plan to talk to the vet about it next time we are there.
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Hmm sounds most peculiar!! I haven't looked though, so it could be usual.... I'm going to move this to the Health forum for you, hopefully more people over there will be able to help you out with some answers!
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What exactly do those barbs look like? Im going to look at Peedoodle now.
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It reminds me of fur, but it is skin.... Hard to describe I guess. Very distinct, easy to see.
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hmm, looked at my 3 pooties, I see nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.
I don't remember seeing anything like that on any cat I've taken a good look at.
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If you're concerned take them to the vets asap. With them being on both cats it may be particular to the breed or maybe something you've never noticed. It could be an infection from something they've both been playing with outside. I'm looking round the net for articles about cats mouths, if I turn something up I'll post again.

I tried to grab ours to check but she ran off
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Thanks for the replies =)

It is very odd, but it seems strange to me that both my cats have it. They are brother, though, so it could be a genetic thing. They aren't hard, they are soft like flesh.

Located directly left and right of the upper middle.. "lip divider" =) Under the lip, of course. I havn't heard of any parasite that would attach itself in that specific area, so I don't think that is the case. I thought perhaps it was just rough from a fight with his brother, or something, but considering it is on both cats, I don't think that is the case either.

Our 2 cats are strictly indoor cats, after my cat's brother(wow this sounds odd) almost died, twice, from liver failure and a blood parasite.. He really is a tough little guy =) I had never really looked under their lips before, I don't think most people bother, not really sure why I decided to.

Very strange..
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Hmm, have been reading a bit, and it almost sounds like "rodent ulcers". I am not positive of course, and I am not exactly sure why both cats would have this.. But the more I read, the more I think perhaps there is something wrong. Guess I am going to have to talk my mom into bringing them to the vet =)

If anyone has information or experience with "rodent ulcers" please let me know, I need more info.

Thanks for all the replies.
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Found this:

(Eosinophilic Granuloma)
General Information:
Rodent ulcers usually first appear as a small, open sore on the upper lip, just below the nose. The center of the sore has an ulcerated ("scooped out") appearance. If untreated, the sore usually increases in size and depth. In severe cases, the sore may involve the entire upper lip and extend into the mouth. Rodent ulcers occasionally appear in other areas, such as on the back legs.
These sores are not usually painful and generally occur in female cats averaging 5-6 years of age. Their cause is unknown, but constant licking of the ulcers probably enlarges them. These ulcers occasionally become cancerous (squamous cell carcinoma).

Treatment Information:
Most rodent ulcers respond well to treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Two to three injections of Depo Medrol two weeks apart are usually required.

Frequency and length of treatment depend on the severity of the condition.

Ulcers that do not heal fully with drug therapy may require surgical removal.


I wouldn't get to worried about the cancer statement, it's probably just a extreme thing. But I would take them to the vet, it'l put your mind at rest.

Good luck.
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Hmm, well, after looking at more pictures, and reading a tad more, it doesn't sound like rodent ulcers to me =) I just can't make up my mind, eh? Either way, we are going to consult a vet.
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LOL I didn't think you'd replied so quick then. Yeah get them to the vet just to make sure that it's nothing serious.
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Will do, thanks for all the help
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I know ours got some nasty looking spots on her neck. We though they were flea bites, it turned out to be ant bites. The vet gave her the usual injections in her neck and she was fine

Your cats will be fine, but we do worry about the smallest thing, but it shows we care.
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Dang Vikki, you must have a good camera to take such good pictures. Is it a digital camera? If so which one are you using as Hubby and I are shopping around for one.
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Thank you so much Vikki, this is EXACTLY what I am seeing. Very strange, though, I must say =)

Thanks for all the help.
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