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Am I cute or what.

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Sorry I have not been around buy a new baby is alot of work. Here is Abby she is 6 weeks now. Those who knew of her breathing issues she has asthma and reflux so we are dealing with that.

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Awwww! She's grown and changed so much already! I love the pink outfit!
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Ohhhhhh look at the little pumpkin!!! She is absolutely adorable!

I LOVE the little bow in her hair - so cute!! How are you coping with the reflux ans asthma? Is it fairly manageable or does it make it a lot harder? I bet it helps that she's not your first - you'd probably be a lot more stressed if it was!

How are you doing now? Are the kids loving their new little sister??

Hope all's well!
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things are fine ya it is harder but I have 2 others with Asthma and Chandler has GERDS so I am a pro.. The Colic is the sucky part
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OMG!!!! She is such a sweet little Angel.I love the pic of her in pink too.
Did they give you some liquid meds for her acid reflux? Or can you manage it with Mylicon drops?
I hope she out grows these little set backs.
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Oh Bless her heart...she's a living Doll
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww look at that little sweetie.
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She is on Nubulizer with Albuteral and for Relux Axid and Previcid
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What a sweetie!

I don't have kids and never wanted any, but I sure can appreciate a cute baby
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oh my goodness!!!! look at how big she's grown!!!! She is sooooo prescious!!!
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Wow, she's grown so quickly! She sure is gorgeous!
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Awww. What a sweetheart! She is the cutest! You must be so proud! I know I would be!
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She is just getting cuter every day
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I am very proud of her and mu boys
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Oh my, she is just gorgeous
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Shes a doll!!!!
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She's beautiful. Congratulations!
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SHhe looks like such a precious doll!!!
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Aww how precious is she!

I hope that the asthma clears up - my brothers had childhood asthma and they don't have it anymore.
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She is precious!
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I now have 3 kids and me with it I doubt it
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Aw she's beautiful! Sorry about the colic. I hope you're getting SOME sleep...
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She's gotten so big already!! She's precious!
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Wow, she is absolutely precious, one of the cutest babies I have seen.
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Thank you everyone and yes am trying to get sleep but She fusses alot and poor thing has gas so it isnt her fult
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She is beautiful! I am glad you have gotten answers about her breathing issues!
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It's nice to see you and Abby around again!
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answers yes but she is sick today
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What a pretty little baby! I feel for you with her colic. Ari has colic its awful!
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