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Blame it on the cats!!

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First,I aplogize if this has already been posted! I just ran across this article and I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on this lady's research! I see it as total hogwash!! Sure....cats may carry this parasite,but to make it sound as tho they are the main contributors??

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i saw that year or so ago. i dont know about the new paper.
but its part of the world we live in like tape worms, leechs, etc.
I did not see what she wrote there as anti cat.
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Very true! And I agree it's not anti-cat per se....but the way the article is written, IMO,makes it "seem" as tho cats are the only carriers. Maybe I worded my first post wrong....
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Ug, I see what you mean. It isn't until near the end of the article when the author clarifies that this parasite does not cause schizophrenia. The whole thing is written in a sensationalist (sp?) fashion designed to catch the eye. Blah! We have so many critters on/in our bodies what's one more?

Hail to all the crazy cat ladies and men!
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No mention that toxoplasma can be in soil and water too.

Did anyone else find this part to be rather hilarious?
"Women infected with this parasite tend to be hypersexual; they have more partners. The men (with the parasite) tend to be more withdrawn and pick more fights. With women, there also seems to be an obsession with shopping and appearance; a change in behavior."

Where's the official study on this?

Even if it's supposed to be a joke, the article is kind ridiculous.
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Oh dear- I read stuff by Denis Healy (renowned psychoparmacologist) and I've never heard this. The connection between smoking cannabis and early onset schizophrenia is well known and I think we need to worry more about that as a society
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The book is like that, in some ways, but the reporter ran with it.

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How was this ever published in a journal......ridiculous
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