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it's friday, it's friday!

I have the whoooooooooooooole weekend off! I can't wait! FINALLY it's friday...

Anyone have big plans for the weekend?

On Saturday me my boyfriend and our roommate are all going to a party!
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I wish it was Tuesday! I hate weekends. John wants to go about 2 hours away tomorrow morning to pick up car engines. I have someone coming out tomorrow afternoon to meet their kitten too.
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Nothing special here, I was contemplating driving 2 hrs home to visit my family, but not with gas prices at $3.25

Probably fishing and enjoying the nice weather
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I am very glad it is the weekend as well!!!

This is my last weekend to say goodbye to my friends before I move. Next weekend I'll have my dad here and the weekend after that my mom... Then I'm gone... *poof*
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I'll be happy when Sunday get's here!
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