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How do you let go?

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After only a few days Im becoming obsessed with our 2 lots of kittens (6 in total) and I've said all along that I've got no intention of keeping them; 2 cats, 1 dog, 3 kids a hubby and a full time job is more than enough. However I'm already thinking how awful it will be when its time to let them go to new homes.

How do you cope?

Also I read somewhere its more advisable to sell the kitties rather than give them free to good homes..is this a good idea?
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I don't foster or breed so I've never been in this situation but I can imagine how difficult it must be to let them go. If you can find good homes for them it will be easier - hopefully the people they go to live with will keep in touch and send you photos and updates as they grow up. Yes it is better to ask for a small amount of money as there are people out there looking for free kittens to use in dog fighting, for the fur trade etc. Charging a small amount doesn't guarantee a good home but it helps to exclude some of the bad ones. Perhaps a local rescue could help with the rehoming by doing homechecks for you?
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It is hard to let them go, I've currently got two litters with a total of 10 kittens. I started finding homes for them before they were even born. I told myself I would keep ONE kitten and the rest would find new homes. We're actually keeping two now because John became very attached to one little boy and wants to keep him.
It's definitely a good idea to ask for an adoption fee. NEVER give kittens away free, unless of course it's someone very close to you. You can ask for a small adoption fee to cover the cost of spaying the mom, and you can also go ahead and vaccinate and worm the kittens and then ask for a fee which will cover those costs. That's what I'm doing with my kittens.
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