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Inappropriate pooping

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My coworker's cat recently started pooping in all four corners of the room that his litter box is in. He doesn't pee outside the box, only poop. Does pooping outside the box indicate a health problem? She did just a have a baby a few months ago, so maybe he's ticked about that?

Knowing how finicky my cats are, one of the first questions I asked was how often she cleans the box. She said every 3 days. I just suggested starting the clean out the box every day and see what happens. He probably doesn't like pooping where he pooped 2 days ago!

Any other advice for her would be appreciated.
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Agreed, I clean Maia's litter every day......
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When our kitty went blind she had developed this same problem. I saved up the money to buy an automatic litter box because I don't always have to time to clean it more than once a day. She does great with the box unless we have to move it for the mantainence guy. I suppose that's partly because it's too hard for to find it.

That's what I would suggest for your friend to do if she can't clean it out every day.
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Oh my, I personally don't understand why people just don't poop and scoop each day. It's GROSS not to! and it doesn't take long! Even if the cat litter being used is super odor absorbent, etc. it's really unpleasant for them to have to walk around and dig in a litter box full of waste! Ugh! this is one of my biggest pet peaves! poop and scoop folks.... puhllllleasse!

I just want to mention that these past months that I have switched to Nature's Miracle, have been wonderful! It has a nice pine scent, good odor control and clumps well. It is so easy to clean up. Oh! and no dust! Did I mention NO DUST? Everyone should use this stuff. So much more healthy for the cats too.

Sigh...sorry I had to rant, but this is one of my pet peaves, it's like walking into the bathroom and seeing an unflushed toilet....ugh. Think of your babies!
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You might also try adding an extra litter box. I've heard many people claim that their cat will not poo in the same box they pee in, even if you clean the box every day and never had the problem before. I now believe them, because I recently starting having the same problem. I added another box and it seems to have worked... for now.
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