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OMG my work is too funny

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I asked one of the chefs at work on Wednesday if there was any microwave bags of popcorn around the kitchens here at work because I was have pregnancy related cravings (yes we are completely spoilt). He said no, but he'd get the popcorn machine going the next day for me.

So sure enough, yesterday in the main cafe, they had the popcorn machine going, and the popcorn was awesome!!

I just got back to my desk and I have a garbage bag sized plastic bag FULL of fresh popcorn that smells divine and a sticker on it saying "Compliments of Cafe 40. Enjoy!".

I've been laughing ever since.
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A garbage bag full? That is SO COOL!

Send me some?
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You asked for popcorn, you got popcorn! LOL
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I've put the bag out and bowls so everyone can have some and one of the guys keep saying to people who come to get some "Look out!! She catches and neuters cats by luring them into a trap with food! Don't trust her!"
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That is awesome!!

What makes it better is I'm currently munching on popcorn too.... (sounds like we have similar cravings!)
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Mmmm...popcorn. That sounds divine Sarah. That's awesome that your work is so supportive of your
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What is ur work?
By the way ur post made me want popcorn so i just warmed some up
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I work for a large tech company that really looks after its staff! The chefs are all very cool and like to have fun as well
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IMO, popcorn is its own food group
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wow!!! that is soo nice of them!!!!
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lol now that is the best work story i have seen in a long time
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Wow, nice job you have!

The bag was just "garbage bag" size, not a garbage bag, right? (Trash bags aren't food safe.)
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that would be awesome!! The only thing we get in our office is coffee, and ice cream
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