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My cat thinks i am her Mom!

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Hello! I just got a baby kitten. She is 8 weeks old and last night when she was sleeping with me in bed she started sucking on my stomache. Then when I moved her she started sucking on my arm. It was like she was trying to get milk. She was making all sorts of weird noises too. Am I wrong? I don't think that this is a problem.... but i'd like to hear if anyone else has had this happen.

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Yes you are correct.

A kitten first learns social skills from his/her mother and littermates around the 8th week of life. It is during the 8th through 12th week that mothers and kittens will start 'playing' and thus learning the social skills they will carry through life. It is at this time that a kitten should stay with his/her mother and litter, and the kittens should have a good deal of human contact as well.

Many owners adopt kittens too early (between the 8th and 10th week) and many of these owners find that their new pet
isn't as well socialized or behaved as they would like. They also find that if they want a well socialized animal they now have the responsibility of teaching the kitten what the mother didn't get a chance to finish. You are now being a surrogate mom for a little while.

You can socialize a cat by playing with your cat for at least 2 hours a day and by providing your cat with enough toys and fun items so that he/she can play alone as well. Your cat needs to play for many reasons so make sure you allow your cat to release his or her aggressive
energies in a good way. You will also want to spend a lot of time with your cat petting, touching, holding and talking to your cat. And always take it slow, only go so far as your cat will let you. Never push the cat or try to do more than your cat will allow. If your cat doesn't want contact
you can still sit in the same room and just talk to your cat, this helps your cat get used to your presence and voice as well as helping your cat to learn to trust you. Eventually your cat will learn to trust you and
realize that a relationship with a human isn't so bad!

I know it is more information than you asked for - but I hope it helps.
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Thank you for the info. Do u think that I should push her away when she starts knawing on me?
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Thats really up to you. I usually let the ones who do this enjoy it on occasion. Then when I am really tired and am not enjoying it, I put them down. This way we are all happy.
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I definately agree with Sandie. Good Luck and Enjoy!!!!
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