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This is where I have to admit my greatest cat sin of my life. When I married my first husband in 1983, he insisted that I either get rid of my cat or have him declawed. He was 7 years old and I was young and stupid. I gave into his ultimatum. That was the greatest mistake that I have ever made in my life. It was wrong on so many levels. My poor baby walked with a gimp for a few years afterwards and took up biting. I was very fortunate that he kept using the litter box.

I share my shame to use as an example to your neighbor, who is considering declawing an older cat. Not that it is good at any time, but it is soooooo much harder on them when they are older. I haven't forgiven myself and it was 24 years ago. Note that he is my EX husband.

Your letter sounds great and I agree with CarolPetunia that less is more. I haven't read thru everyone's response to this, but you might try to find a brochure or information on Softpaws also.